Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Event 1: Important Info

$350 + $50 Deep Stack NL (Re-Entry)

Poker Fever for Dever

Here's the skinny on today's tournament:

Prize Pool: $100,000 guaranteed
Starting Stack: 25k
Level Lengths: 30 minutes (1-10), 40 minutes (11+)
Opening Blinds: 25/50
Re-Entry: Unlimited for first 6 levels

Players are trying to figure out the best plan of attack in a format that features an unlimited number of re-entries. "I'm nervous," says Borgata regular Catherine Dever (Lancaster, PA), not of the structure but because, "I'm always nervous."

The field continues to file in as the 10 seat is vacant at every table awaiting the first re-entries.

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