Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Event 10 Recap

$350 + $50 Big Stack PLO

An emergency exit off a flight to Vegas may be the best trip "Grandpa" Jay Zimmet (Manalapan, NJ) didn't take.  One day later he landed at the top of the Big Stack PLO tournament to take home the trophy and first prize of $11,051 at the Borgata Summer Poker Open.

"I'm glad I got off the plane," said the 68 year-old father of four and grandfather of 10, "I was sick and knew I wouldn't last five hours."

Zimmet had a slow and steady climb throughout the day and had to overcome several players who built massive chip counts.  Nick Curanovic (Bronx, NY) hit quads on back to back hands during the early levels to reach 80k, twice as many chips as the next biggest stack, but he flamed out and missed the money.

Abe Faroni (Philadelphia, PA) was one of the first players to crack the 100k mark and rode one of the big stacks to the final table. He was a top three stacks among the final 10, but hit a bad stretch and was the first to cash, finishing 9th place ($947).

Of the 93 players vying for a piece of the $32,550 prize pool, James Kinney (Charlotte, NC) was the most consistent throughout the tournament. He was the chip leader at the dinner break and at one point had 500k, nearly 1/3 of the chips in play. 

Kinney was the chip leader at the final table, but had to settle for a runner-up finish to Zimmet as he earned $5,999. Right behind the top two was Michael Farahnick (New York, NY) 3rd/$3,789 and Jeremy McWhorter (Bridgeport, CT) 4th/$2,842.

Yosef Tarlow (Morristown, NJ) finished 5th/$2,210 after we was crippled by Kinney, who turned pocket aces into quads.  But the most exciting hand of the final table came when Farahnick knocked out two players on one hand.

Farahnick, David Kimmel (Mt. Olive, NJ) and Thomas Ieronimo (Watertown, CT) all held A Q on a flop of K J 10.  All three flopped Broadway for the nuts and each had the back door flush redraw, which Farahnick hit with A 9. The double knockout sent Ieronimo home in 8th/$1,263 and Kimmel in 7th/$1,579, while
6th place/$1,894 belonged to Greg Kolo (Rocky River, OH).

In the end it's "Grandpa" Jay who outlasted the field.  "My luggage made it to Vegas, but I'm glad I didn't," said the partner in a healthcare service group.  "It was a good day, I'm feeling better and I love Borgata."

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