Thursday, June 16, 2011

Event 11 Recap

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Congratulations to our Event 11 poker marathon winner Pete Moffatt (Philadelphia, PA) who played a masterful tournament and now has all of the 17,200,000 chips that were in play along with the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open trophy and the $38,374 first place prize. At 11:00 AM on June 15th, 860 entries stormed Borgata Poker room on 68 tables, some of course were re-buys through the first six levels, and did their best to grow their 20,000 "big" starting stacks and make the top 81, all of who took home the cash. The tournament ended at 6:15AM. Pete grinded it out for 19 hours and always was focused on winning first place.

It was a very busy afternoon indeed as the entire poker room was used for this event. Tons of Borgata regulars took the felt including: Mickey Woll, Michael Buttacavoli, Soren Cristea, Kyle Schuricht, Phil Neiman, Gregg Miller, Eric Miller, Kerry Small, Matt 'muffins' Mazzeo, Brian Correro, Mark Zotti, Jay Johnson, Sungwoo, Tae Torpekay Habashzada, Sudhish Suryawansi, Lisa Pickell, Jeremy 'Big Dog' Brown, Frank Gangemi, Leo G, Abe Korotki, Marcelia 'Peaches' Keene, Julian Miranda, Angelo 'Pinky' Modica, Carl Restifo, Howard Wolper, Daniel Chan, James 'Suits' Salters, Chris Rich, and Benjamin Chan.

The last woman standing battle was between Sophia Liss (Oley, PA) and Deokhae Lee (Bergen County, NJ) who went out with four tables to go and made the cash. She outlasted her husband Sung Wootae whose set of fives fell to a set of aces and 88th place.

It seemed like table 47 had all the chips all day. Big stacks would either form there or be brought over from other tables. The hand of the tournament was when two chip leaders, James Vencill and Wayne Mernone decided to get it all in on a blind battle between A-7 and A-10. Vencill’s A-7 found a flush and felted Mernone (who had 1 million chips to start the hand.

Joel C. was down to 1200 chips then built it all the way up to over a million within a few hours. Joel was named “Lucky Joel” as he hit runner, runner and key flops as if on will. Joel finished in14th place for $1,502. .

The final table played into the wee hours of the morning and included: 10th place – Sean Jon Lamattina, 9th – Yeugeny Gans, 8th – John Borger, 7th – Josh, 6th – Chikeung A. Lau, 5th – Sha Bk, 4th - Joe "Cable" Graci, 3rd - Joe Dittmar for 13,681, and 2nd - James Vencill for $22,357.

But once again your 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Event 11 Champ is Pete Moffatt who dominated the final table and earned the engraved trophy along with a $38,374 payday. His son's Jack and Cole will surely be proud of their dad and happy he used the shark card protector.

Pete won the key races today and didn't have any suck-outs. On the contrary, when he got sucked out on, he kept his head and always stayed focused on that top prize.

His poker performance really was a pleasure to watch and I know we're going to see a lot more of Pete Moffatt. Great job!

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