Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 12: 3rd - Darren Sylvin

$400 + $50 Six-Max NLH

Darren Sylvin - 3rd Place - $7,576

Darren Sylvin (Parsippany, NJ), is a Chef during his day job.

He had a steady stack of chips all day. A five hand rush in the fifth hour of the tournament allowed Sylvin to take control.

He also applied pressure and took advantage when opponents would overplay weaker hands. "I raised a lot today" said Sylvin.

Darren was happy when the straight flush knocked out the quads at the final table because he moved up the charts in the money.

When I asked him for any last words he replied with a deadpan, "RIP to Anna Nicole Smith".

Way to go on your third place score of $7,576.

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