Thursday, June 16, 2011

Event 12: Aiello Busts B Chan

$400 + $50 Six-Max NLH  

Blinds are up to 1k/2k with 300 antes for level 12.

After seat 2 moved all-in for 21,500, Dennis Aiello called.  Then Benjamin Chan moved all-in over the top and again Dennis called.  With all the chips in the middle, the hands were tabled.

 Dennis Aiello

Seat 2 was trailing with AJ suited in spades.  Dennis had AK suited in hearts, and Benjamin had AK suited in diamonds.

It was over on the flop, which brought three hearts.  Dennis flopped the flush and claimed both the main and side pots, dispatching both opponents to the rail.  Dennis chipped up to over 160k.

Dennis is from Kinnelon, New Jersey and has two kids, Justin and Lance.

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