Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 12 Recap

$400 + $50 Six-Max NLH

You gotta love the 6-max. This format, where there’s always no more than 6 players at each table, creates a tough field to go through and I think really showcases true poker skills. When the dust settled, today, after 14 hours of play, poker pro Scott Wardell emerged as the top dog.

He’ll take home the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Event 12 trophy, title, and $16,529. Congratulations kid!

With only 6 players at each table, action occurs on virtually every hand. 142 adrenaline junkies took the felt at 11:00AM with 12,000 chips all vying for a chunk of the $56,800 Total Buy-In.

I wasn’t kidding when I told you the field was tough. Borgata regulars and previous Open Event cashers like Matt “Muffins” Mazzeo, James “Suits” Salters, Mickey Wolls, and Frank Gangemi all battled from hand one. And don’t forget Borgata Spring Poker Open runner-up Adam Cook (Annapolis, MD) who took home $160,000 and also made an appearance in today’s event.

One hand that drew a crowd and some Borgata Buzz was when Steven Rodriques survived a horrible blow when his set of fives fell to not one, but two other players also rolling over sets. Set over set over set – yikes.

But the biggest hand of the day or quite frankly of any tournament this year was when Scott Wardell rivered his first ever royal flush against Allan Lubin’s quads – knocking him out in 6th place for $3,030.

The Chan brothers, Daniel and Benjamin played well in the 6-Max. Both are forces at Borgata Open Events and have a friendly rivalry between each other as they trade Borgata cashes and continue to rack up impressive earning numbers.

Hand for hand to release the bubble seemed to take forever until finally Robert Saladin was felted in lucky number 13th place and didn’t receive any money.

Your final two tables included:

At table 1, Hovig Dekermenjian, Frank Seminario, Jr., Larry Sharp, Pinky Modica, Roope Salminen, and Scott Wardell.

At table 2, Thomas Balla, Allan Lubin, Dennis Aiello, Lyle Diamond, Daniel Chan,
and Darren Sylvin.

Thomas Balla made a remarkable comeback finishing in 5th place for $4,270. He was down to two 100 dollar black chips when the blinds were 100 / 200.

And what about Lyle Diamond? He had pocket aces with the ace of spade and saw 7♠ Q♠ J♠ on the flop only to lose to Scott Wardell who rivered a non-spade K. Diamond digs $5,647 for fourth.

Then there was Darren Sylvin, the chef from Parsippany, NJ who stirred up enough pots to whip up $7,576 for third.

Angel “Pinky” Modica was down, up, down, up, then out in 2nd place for $10,193. His Mom Maria railed him but the 3-to-1 heads up deficit was tough to overcome. Just when Pinky was trying to mount yet another comeback, Scott found an Ace on the river for the victory.

So there you have it, your 6-Max champ is Scott Wardell who outlasted 142 other players and wins bragging rights at beating a difficult field of the best of the best. Perhaps we’ll see Scott go deep in next week’s Championship Event which he will be playing in.

The funny thing is, Scott, who plays 200 hours a month at Borgata, rarely ever plays tournaments. Maybe after today’s win he’ll start playing more of them…

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