Thursday, June 16, 2011

Event 12: Seat Open

$400 + $50 Six-Max NLH

The Six-Max creates action and that's exactly why there's a seat open on table 4 just two levels into the tournament.

The unfortunate, unidentified player lost most of his stack to Carmine Genovese (Long Beach, NY) who flopped a full house early in Level 1. Shortly after the mystery man is on the rail and Genovese sends those extra chips to Sean Lango (Harrison, NY) in 3-way all-in action.

All three players check the flop of 2♠ 3 2, but the A on the turn creates the action and the hands are tabled.

Unidentified: Q♣ 2♣ (trip 2s)
Genovese: 4♠ 5 (straight)
Lango: A♠ 2 (full house)

River: 9♣

Lango gets more than a double-up as Genovese gives him 12k, plus the unidentified player's final 3k.

Lango is now the unofficial chip leader with 27k.

Level 2 (50/100) continues.

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