Thursday, June 16, 2011

Event 13: Edward Betlow - 1st Place

$500 + $60 Seven Card Stud

Edward Betlow - 1st Place - $3,274

Edward Betlow (Morris Plains, NJ) is the Event 13 Stud champ.

He outlasted the field and takes home $3,274 in addition to the 2011 Borgata Summer Open trophy.

With a name like "Betlow" poker has to be part of his life.

Edward puts in telephone systems for a living and today is not his largest cash.

He's won $50,000 at Borgata in previous tournaments and came in 58 during a WSOP event.

Came close in Borgata Summer Open H.O.S.E. Event and actually knocked out the guy today who knocked him out last week.

"I made moves at the end and they worked" said Edward. I asked if Stud was his favorite game and he replied with a laugh, "If I keep cashing in them, it will be".

Stud Winner!

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