Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 14: Aces Good for Lomanno

$1000 + $90 ($10K Cash) Super Satellite   

On the river with a board of 9 8 3 2 2, Frank Lomanno was all-in against Art Demmerley.  Frank showed pocket Aces for Aces-up.  Art mucked his hand and Frank doubled up to ~115k.  Art was left with ~30k.

Adam Cook has landed at table two with Frank and Art.  Adam's up to 125k.

Patricia Cahill, Sheree Bykofsky and Leanne Rosenblatt have all busted out.  That leaves May Siu as the last woman sitting in this event.

Five tables remain with 45 players still hoping to take home $10k today.

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