Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 14: Jacks Good for Azar

$1000 + $90 ($10K Cash) Super Satellite 

James Woods limps utg, a couple of other players limp behind, including the button and small blind, then Habib Azar (bb) raised to 2,900.  Woods called and the small blind made it a three-way.

The flop came K T 9 with two spades.  The small blind checked and Azar fired 6k.  Woods mucked and his cards accidentally flipped over -- 42 of diamonds.  The small blind called and the turn was an offsuit 2.  Both checked.

River was another King.  Again both players checked.

Azar tabled pocket Jacks and his opponent patted the felt, flashed a Ten, then mucked his hand.

After collecting that pot, Azar has about 50k.

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