Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 14: Kinder Is Kind

$1000 + $90 ($10K Cash) Super Satellite

Mike Dentale wearing a cut-off shirt but not in the cut-off when he picks up A-K.
Dentale raises on the button.

Al Kinder (Pine Hill, NJ) in UTG + 1 has A-A has re-raises.

Both guys have big stacks at the table and really don't want to risk a bust-out this close to the money.

Kinder leads his witness, Dentale, down the path of folding saying outright, "You should fold".
"Show me if I fold" asks Mike? "Yes", says Kinder.

"I should ship it all in on you here" said Mikey. Instead he made the right read and folded.

Mike folds A-K and Al, a man of his word, shows A-A.

Then on table 2, Adam Cook takes out Walter Taylor who goes out in 20th place.

Cooks A-J hits a Jack on the flop against Taylor's K-6 of spades which bricks out.

Table action is 6 - 6 - 7 as 19 remain.

Players are taking a ten minute break.

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