Friday, June 17, 2011

Event 14: Steve Leaves - 15th

$1000 + $90 ($10K Cash) Super Satellite

Steve Cohen - 15th Place

Steve Cohen ships all in pre with A♣ Q♣ and Chris Broz takes what felt like forever to call with pocket aces.

Before the flop Steve stands and shouts out clubs, clubs. Sure enough he sees two clubs on the flop of 5♣ 8♣ 5.

Turn card is A.

Cohen, not realizing he's drawing dead is excited to see the club he thinks he's looking for.

River - 10♣ .

It takes everyone a moment to realize the ace on the turn gave Broz a full house.

Cohen is out in 15th place.

Maxx Danshy told Broz that his pre-flop call was "a super slo-roll".

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