Saturday, June 18, 2011

Event 15: Farid Jattin - 3rd Place

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Farid Jattin - 3rd Place - $15,045

When we were down to two tables Farid Jattin (Miami, FL) didn't want me to take his picture for fear it would jinx his poker mojo. But, after busting out in third place he was happy to pose.

Farid had his hopes on winning the entire tournament but couldn't have been happier when Alex knocked out two players with one blow. That single hand propelled Farid two spots up the moneyboard.

From the start of three-handed play Farid was very short in chips and got all of them in holding 7-8 of clubs. Abe Korotki (Ventnor, NJ) had A-9 of diamonds and found and ace on the flop.

Board: J-3-A-K-6.

Farid told me he chipped up early in the tournament and was able to cruise until there were ten players left. At that point it became a roller-coaster ride.

Jattin is from Miami and attends FIU as a college student.

Farid adds $15,045 to pay for tuition or whatever else he sees fit.

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