Saturday, June 18, 2011

Event 15: Max Digilov - 5th Place

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Max Digilov - 5th Place - $7,978

Max Digilov had a huge stack during most of the final two tables, but after that last bust-out, Alex Berenson has more. In fact, Alex has everyone covered.

The following will go down as the hand of the tournament as ultimately, Alex Berenson knocks out two opponents.

It's Max Digilov's K-Q of spades vs. John DiBella's K-Q offsuit vs. Alex Berenson's 5-5.

Action flop for everyone as 2-5-K rainbow falls.

John checks, Alex checks, Max bets, John smooth calls, Alex shoves, Max calls and John calls.

Berenson's set of fives hold up as the turn bricks an 8 and rivers a 6.

The floor had to count Max and John's chips to see who would get 5th and 4th place where the payout jumps from $7,978 to $11,170.

Max had one orange chip less than John - that's 126,000 vs. 125,000.

Since Max had less chips to start the hand, he earns 5th place and John gets fourth.

Alex now has an even more commanding chip lead over Abe and Farid.

How appropriate that Max went deep in the 6-Max. It is his namesake after all.

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