Saturday, June 18, 2011

Event 15 Recap

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH

Congratulations to our 6-Max winner Alex Berenson, a spy novelist from New York City who takes home the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open 6-Max trophy along with a boatload of cash - $31,913 to be exact.

Here’s how it all went down. As far as I know James Woods gets killed at the table today but not by one of Berenson’s characters of espionage.

Chapter One started at 11:00 AM where 94 of Borgata’s Best whipped out $1000 + $90 to receive 15,000 starting chips and take their seat in Borgata’s Poker Room.

The 6-Max brings out highly skilled poker players along with a few action-junkie maniacs. You can decide who’s who from the following list of notables who showed up today but didn’t cash - James Boyle, Al Grimes, Mike Dentale, Habib Azar, Art Demmerley, Lyle Diamond, Jennifer Green, Eric Panayiotou, Ted Geier, May Siu and of course actor James Woods.

There was a good buzz in the room over the structure where blind levels gradually increased from 30 minutes to 40, to 50. With only six players at each table, these levels really allowed poker players to actually play poker.

WSOP Circuit Champion Rick Rossetti played alongside 2010 Borgata Poker Open $1k 6-Max Champion Dan Spirer while our Last-Woman-Standing, Helen Ellis, busted out in 14th place.

Two tables of six hung tough but only the top 6 made the cash.

Your Max-nificent Seven included: Abe Korotki, Lex Harris, Adam Levitan, John DiBella, Farid Jattin, Alex Berenson, and Max Digilov.

Lex Harris bubbled out with Adam Levitan getting a whopping min cash of $5,015 for sixth place.

But the story of the final table was Alex Berenson who knocked out every single player (except one) in dramatic fashion. Like one of his characters, Berenson took on the role of poker assassin and ended tournament life after tournament life.

He even killed two players with one bullet (Max Digilov & John DiBella) – or should I say, three fives. Because John had one thousand dollar orange chip more than Max, Max got 5th place for $7,978 and John received 4th for $15,045.

Then in just a couple hands later, third place casualty and $15,045 went to a college student from Miami named Farid Jattin.

Alas we now come to the final chapter and the ending with a twist. Abe Korotki is hellbent on getting it all in on the flop with only a gutshot. He needs a Queen and shouts out for it. Bang – just like that the Queen comes on the turn making his straight. But Alex Berenson doesn’t give up that easily. He needs a Jack on the river for a full house. So HE calls out for a Jack and somehow summons it on cue. River Jack gives Berenson a full-house and the tournament.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction – or at least as good.

Abe was railed by his wife and lucky charm Saleena, while Alex’s wife Jackie was rooting via Borgata Blog at home in New York City.

Oh did I also mention Event 15 was Alex’s first live tournament ever? He chose one of, if not the toughest tournament and field to go through and he somehow survived and came out on top like a hero.

Abe takes home $20,059 for second and Alex earns $31,913.

Look for Alex to take some of the prize money to enter into the Championship Event.

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