Sunday, June 19, 2011

Event: 16: Straight AAA's For Charlie

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Charlie Roberts - 100,000

Charlie Roberts (Ponte Veura Beach, FL) is living large after knocking a player out in dramatic fashion. Charlie was holding the mother of all starting hands, AA and was up against Opponent's 8-8.

Flop fell 8-9-5 with two clubs.

"I slo-played my aces only betting 5,000 on the flop...this guy shoves all in and I call" explained Charlie. When Charlie saw he was up against a set of eights all he could do was pray for an ace.

"Bang - Ace of clubs on the turn" said Charlie with a big smile on his face. A club on the river had everyone quickly checking for a club in their hand - alas nobody had the flush and a set of aces took down a set of eights.

Charlie can now legally play poker in Florida but continues to travel to Borgata a couple times a year because as he put it, "there's nothing like Borgata...they take good care of me here."

Sometimes players don't want to participate in helping us record these blog posts - Charlie on the other hand basically was ready to stop the game to talk to the press and pose for pictures.

One last quote from this fan favorite and nice guy originally from New Jersey - "You can take the boy outta Jersey but you can't take Jersey outta the boy."

Players have just returned from a ten minute break.

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