Saturday, June 18, 2011

Event 15: Rossetti vs Boyle Redux

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NLH  

James Boyle got some of his chips back from Rick Rossetti.

On the river with a board of K 7 3 9 K (no flush possible) James Boyle casually announced he was all-in (while tipping the Borgata Babe for bringing him a beer).

 Rick Rossetti & James Boyle - Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Rick wasn't sure if he was joking or not.  Once James had his beer firmly in hand, he clarified "Really.  I'm all-in."

Rick tossed his cards into the muck and James collected the pot, showing one card, a six.  (Rick said he had ten-high and missed his straight draw.)

James has just over 14k.

The guys say they're having the most fun of any table in this tournament.  I'm inclined to believe them.

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