Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Event 16: 23rd - Rock; 22nd - Nadimi; 21st - Devinsky

$2500 + $200 Championship NL   
On a flop of 4 2 2, Nick Frangos and Matthew Rock (Oakdale, NY) got all the chips in the middle. 

Nick held pocket 5s.  Matthew held 63 suited.  The turn was a 6 and Matthew took the lead with a pair of 6s, but then the 3 on the river gave him two pair -- and gave Nick a straight.

The stacks were close, but Nick had him covered.  Matthew was dispatched in 23rd place.

Nadimi busted out in 22nd place.

Mike Devinsky (Middletown, NJ) shoved his 16 big blind stack with 54 suited and got looked up by Salah Siraj, who held KJ.  The flop came 7 5 4 giving Mike the lead with two pair.  King on the turn gave Salah one pair, then a 7 on the river paired the board, counterfeiting Mike and giving Salah a better two-pair and the pot.

Mike Devinsky finished in 21st place.

All three players will collect $5,875.

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