Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Event 16: 24th Place - Yamron

$2500 + $200 Championship NL    

Bruce Yamron (Naples, FL) was all-in with QJ against the AJ of Nadimi.  The board ran K 9 5 9 2 and Nadimi doubled up with Ace-high.

Bruce was the big blind on the next hand.  After posting the ante and blind, he had 3k left.

Nadimi raised to 20k, Austen Johnson called from the small blind, and Bruce tossed in his last chips.

They checked the flop of K 9 4.  Then an Ace came on the turn.  Austen checked, Nadimi bet, and Austen folded.  Bruce held A2 (pair of Aces) and was ahead of Nadimi's QT (Queen-high).  River was a 9 and Bruce more than tripled up.

Bruce was then all-in holding AQ suited against Mike Dentale's J9 suited.  The board came K J J 9 8 and Mike took the pot with Jacks-full.  Bruce took 24th place and $5,875.

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