Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Event 16: 6th Place - Frangos

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Nick Frangos - 6th Place - $38,380

Nick Frangos (Mays Landing, NJ) literally flips a coin to determine whether or not he puts his tournament on the line pre-flop. The coin lands heads and Nick immediately says, "I'm all in".

The start of the hand had Nick 3-betting for 250,000. Farid Jattin 4-bets making it 495,000 total.

Nick goes in the tank counting his remaining chips and most likely deciding if he's going to fold or go all in.

This is when he flips the coin. It came up heads but Nick was behind.

Nick tables 8-8 against Farid's J-J. Nick says, "You got me".

Board ran: K-6-A-Q-9

"Good game bro" said Farid.

Nick Frangos has been playing professional poker for 15 years. He finished 2nd in a stud WSOP event and is a face and name most people know here at Borgata and all over the poker community.

He loves sports and lists his greatest accomplishment as having his daughter and meeting his fiance.

For his 6th place finish, Nick adds $38,380 to his career poker lifetime earnings.

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