Monday, June 20, 2011

Event 16: Caruso Cruising

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Mark Caruso - 45,000

Mark Caruso (Boston, MA) drove down yesterday from Boston and last night won the last satellite seat possible to win his entry into today's Championship Event.

When he's not playing poker, Mark teaches special needs kids, cooks, and bartends.

The story of his tournament so far came against the same opponent.

In the first hand Mark played pocket aces perfectly getting his opponent to ship all in holding pocket 5's on a flop of 2-3-3.

But he gave those chips back a few orbits later when Mark flopped a set of tens with four players in the hand and his nemesis was raising with a flush and straight draw. "Nothing I could do - he turned a flush and I missed the boat on the river" explained Mark.

Mark has since built back to 45,000. We'll see if these two tangle again.

As I left the table Mark told me, "I hope to see you tomorrow".

That's the goal.

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