Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Event 16: The Defender

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH 

 DiClaudio Stealing Blinds & Antes

In poker, not all chips are created equal, so defending the blinds doesn't guarantee the player a fair trial as the person will be out of position the rest of the hand.  Fortunately for defense attorney Scott DiClaudio's clients, he's more committed to the Pennsylvania legal system than he is to his big blind.

DiClaudio had 5 separate court cases this morning which could have potentially detained him in Philadelphia, preventing him from playing in Day 2 of the Borgata Summer Poker Open Championship event.  "It was fortuitous from me to get here on time as the Commonwealth's witnesses failed to appear," he said after working cases that included a bank robbery, shooting and assault.

DiClaudio says the "wrong judge" and it would've been "problematic" to arrive by the noon restart, especially since he began the day in the top 20% of the field with a well above average stack of 100,500 chips.

DiClaudio knew going deep in the Championship Event could conflict with his work schedule but, "we're poker players, we like to gamble."  So far, so good for the defender who just applied capital punishment to an opponent holding pocket 5s against DiClaudio's pocket aces, and now has 225k.

With an above average stack, DiClaudio is eying the prize pool as 36 of the remaining 61 players will cash.  DiClaudio hopes there won't be any courtroom conflicts for Tuesday's Day 3 finale and is a problem he'd love to have, as it means he'll be in the money.

But for now, DiClaudio is perfectly content stealing the blinds and antes where it's perfectly legal.

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