Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Event 16: Ieronimo Takes Out Geier

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH 

Thomas Ieronimo (Watertown, CT) just had Ted Geier's number today.

First, Ted (Sunnyside, NY) was all-in with pocket Aces against Thomas' pocket 8s.  Thomas flopped an 8 to crack those Aces and double up.

Then the same two players tangled again.  Ted raised from the cutoff and Thomas three-bet from the small blind.  Ted called and Thomas moved all-in in the dark.  On the flop of J 8 5, Ted called all-in.

Thomas had KQ for two overs.  Ted was ahead with AJ for top/top.  Then a King came on the turn.  Ted couldn't find any of his outs on the river and he was busted.

Thomas is now up to over 60k.

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