Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Event 17: Insurance Policy

$400 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

The flop is 4♠ A♣ J♣, three players are all in and Anthony Millwater (Lindenhurst, NY) is in third place.

Millwater: 7♣ 9♣ (flush draw)
Player 1: A♠ J♠ (top two pairs)
Player 2: 4 4 (set of 4s)

Turn: 10♣ (Millwater flush)
River: 8♣

The river gives Millwater the jack high straight flush and insures the hand as he still could've been beaten by quad 4s or full house.

"With my luck I was just happy it hit," says Millwater who triples up to 27k.

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  1. You have a typo here. How can the river be J♣ when it was on the flop? Was the flop incorrect or the river?


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