Thursday, June 23, 2011

Event 18 Recap

11AM: Event 18 - $170 + $30 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

After 20 and ½ hours it’s finally over. Liquor store owner Adam Agaev (Brooklyn, NY) outlasted all 737 entries and has just taken down the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Event 18. Adam takes the trophy home along with the title and $28,206.

The day began at 11:00 AM where everyone started with 25,000 chips and could Re-Enter during the first 6 Levels. The stretched down the hall outside the poker room all the way to mur.mur. What a huge field that took over all of Borgata Poker Room.Some regulars who put down $170 + $30 included: John Zoldak, Eric Miller, James 'Suits' Salters, Aldo Antonacci, Michael Buttacavoli, Ted Geier, Gregg Miller, Mark Zotti, Gina 'Ginevil' Cannone, Howard Wolper, Kelly Armentrout, Frank Lomanno, Torpekay Habashzada, Bob Santilli, Abe Korotki, Lisa Pickell, Jay Johnson, and Glenn Englebert.

Car dealership owner Mitch Rolnick (Long Island, NY) had pocket kings an miraculous eight times at the same table and they held up all eight times.

With an initial $50,000 guarantee, and so many players battling for the $125,290 total buy-in, you can imagine how much action this tournament generated. The top 72 players celebrated and sighed a breath of relief when Taylor Shpur (Witherbee, NY) knocked out the bubble after his 5-5 held up.

It was a tough fight to make the final table which held 9 strong well past 4AM. Players who made it included: Adam Agaev, Andrew Gornick, James Sloat, Christopher Kusha, Anthony Gaerlan, Daniel Voccia, Ray Don, Greg Merritt, and Joe Liberta.

Third place went to Greg Merritt who took home a whopping $10,026 while second place honors went to poker pro Joe Liberta who pocketed $16,407 and had the chip lead for 95% of the entire tournament - almost wire to wire.

But our big winner once again was Adam Agaev who grinded it out all day little by little then outlasted a tough final table and a long heads-up. The hand of his tournament came heads-up when his 9-7 of diamonds found a straight on the river with his life on the line.

Adam said he booked his hotel and already paid for a plane ticket to go to Vegas and play in the WSOP Main Event. Winning this tournament was the last piece of the puzzle and will pay for his $10,000 buy in there. He was very excited after the win and celebrated with cousin Emil who faithfully rooted from the rail. Adam busted out early and had to re-buy. I'm sure now he's extremely happy he did.

Congratulations Adam on your impressive win.

Enjoy the trophy and your $28,206.

And good luck in the Main Event.

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