Thursday, June 23, 2011

Event 19: For The Love Of The Game

$400 + $50 Six-Max NLH 

Blinds are up to 200/400 with 50 antes for level six.

Mike Dentale is quitting poker.  "No, seriously" he says.  He's thinking about quitting the game.  He worked very hard to make it to the final table of the Championship event.

 Mike Dentale

He was seventh out of the final ten in chips.  Yet he busted out in 10th place when he ran AK into pocket Aces.

"I worked so hard and ended up tenth, while the short-stacks moved up in payouts" he said.  (Mike did collect $10,183 for that 10th place finish.)

He wasn't even going to play this event, but he's here....and he's the chip leader with ~80k.

How do you quit a game that you love....or love to hate?

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