Saturday, June 25, 2011

Event 20: Deja Vu

$200 + $30 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

"Nipi" & Montes

Thursday night Jose Montes (Bronx, NY) and Arihan "Nipi" Rizaj (Brooklyn, NY) were side-by-side at the final table on they're way to a nice payday in the Six-Max tournament. Twenty-four hours later they're seated next to each other again as two of the biggest stacks in the room.

Montes, who won Event 19 ($14,201) has 780k, while Rizaj (4th in Event 19/$4,825) has 945k. Both are in the running for the $23,391 first place prize as both are top five in chips.

Justin Tobin continues to lead the way with more than one million, while Mitchell Mantin is also a big stack with 760k.

Level 24 (15k/30k/4k ante) is underway.

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