Friday, June 24, 2011

Event 20: Early Chip Leader

$200 + $30 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry) 

The chip leader is out on table 11 in seat 10.  He's up to 135k and doesn't wish to give up his name.

"When I win the tournament, you'll know my name" he said.

Over on table two, seat 6 opened for 4k.  Then Jimmy Ecklund (New York, NY)  moved all-in for much more. 

 Jimmy Ecklund

Seat 2 called all-in for less.  Seat 6 tanked for a bit, then called all-in also.  The hands:
Seat 2:  TT
Seat 6:  QQ
Jimmy:  AA

The board ran out 7 5 5 5 3 giving everyone fives-full.  Jimmy took the pot with fives-full-of-Aces, busting both opponents in the process.  Jimmy's now up to ~100k. 

That's the end of level six and time for a break. 

Last chance to enter/re-enter.

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