Saturday, June 11, 2011

Event 3 Recap

$400 + $50 NL

At 11am today, Event 3 kicked off as 172 Borgata Poker Players put down $400 + $50 and all tried their best to win all of the over two million chips in play along with part of the $66,736 Total Prize Pool. But only one succeeded - Congratulations to Chad Bailey (Jackson, NJ) who crushed the final table destroying every opponent (except for one) in his path. This hurricane of a player took chances and played without fear to climb back from a cooler that left him crippled to 1200 total chips on the second hand of play. A key hand in his comeback was when he spiked a straight flush on the river. He also seemed to hit runner, runners whenever needed.

Quite interestingly, Sully Erna, the lead singer for the hard rock band Godsmack joined a field of Borgata regulars including: Frank Gangemi, James 'Suits' Salters, Abe Korotki, Wooyang Lin, John Hinds, Bill Patterson, Phil Sparta, Alan Colon, Patricia Barsanti-Chou, Kim Edmonds, Barbara Rogers, Vladimir Peck, Joseph Altomonte, James Boyle, Gordon Eng, & Eric Siegel – all of whom got “smacked” around.

Only 18 made the cash with Meiyan Dai scoring a min cash of $1,001.

The final table fell like dominoes at the hand of our Champion Chad Bailey. Michael Kalfa, William Lewis, Frank Cullen, Scott Brandies, John Fitzpatrick, David Rittmeyer (3rd for $6,340), and Rhand Feinstein (2nd for $11,010) all were felted by Bailey the assassin.

The $20,021 first place prize represents Bailey’s Biggest Borgata cash to date. Congrats again to Chad Bailey who ran the table and took down Event 3.

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