Sunday, June 12, 2011

Event 6 Recap

Eighty-one "Hosers" took the Borgata felt at high noon all battling for the $27,500 total prize pool and eighty of em got "hosed". Well, not really. Top nine made the money and included Bullet Demartino, Lina Carter, Jon Miller, Elaine England, Ronald Winelvoss, Cris Belkewitch, Glenn Engelbert, Richard Devito, and Bob Reardon. But it was Glenn Engelbert who took down the Borgata Event 6 trophy and the top prize of $9,625.

Lets rewind 13 hours ago to the start of our $350 + $50 H.O.S.E tournament. Players began with 15,000 chips and played four games in rotation: Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, and Eight-or-better Stud. All games were played in limit format and they played 8 hands of each game before moving on to the next.

The field contained defending champion Vincent Basilicata, who won this event during the 2010 Summer Open, pocketing more than $6,000. Not to mention 1999 WSOP bracelet winner Charlie Brahmi who played today for his son who turned 18 – Happy Birthday.

And who could forget the last-woman-standing-battle that ensued between yesterday’s Event 4 Omaha last-woman-standing, Lina Carter, and Elaine England (Richman, VA). Both women made the cash but Elaine fetched the female first honors and bragging rights.

Carter – 7th place for $1,375 and England – 5th place for $1,925.

Yesterday's second place Event 4 winner, Rathe Miller didn’t fare as well today as he was eliminated in 10th place and bubbled from making any money.

Third place $3,300 was awarded to Richard Devito who commanded the chip lead through most of the latter stages until relinquishing it to 2nd place winner – Bullet Demartino who won $5,225. Bullet wounded and struck down player after player building up a tall, impressive chip stack. Alas, both men just couldn’t hurt Borgata regular Glenn Engelbert.

Glenn has played poker in AC since gambling was legalized here. In addition, he’s been playing mixed games for 15 years. After winning the limit hold-em event in the 2011 Winter Poker Open, he now takes home his second trophy – this time in H.O.S.E.

“Stud hi is my best and favorite game but ironically the two key hands I won today were in Stud lo” explained Engelbert. He poured it on once the field shrank to two tables then didn’t look back. A great appetizer for Engelbert who will go for another win during the Seven Card Stud Event-13, this Thursday - looking to continue to feast.

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