Monday, June 13, 2011

Event 8 Recap

$200 + $30 Ladies NLH

The temperature is hot outside and today it was hot inside as seventy-nine ladies and one male with obvious issues, faced off and battled in the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Ladies Event #8 all trying to take home part of the $15,520 prize pool. When the perfume settled, it was Carla Berrios (Baltimore, MD) who posed with the champion trophy and all the chips.

Congratulations to Carla whose quiet demeanor at the table provided her with a table image that the other ladies liked and respected. She also made some new fans who cheered her in.

Top nine all got a piece of the pie and included, Maria Durante, Stephanie Hubbard, Carla Berrios, Lana O'Brien, Kim Edmonds, Farah Fath, Jeanelle Roberts, Maria Santos, and Lisa Colesanti.

Perhaps some of you recognized Farah Fath, who is an actress on ABC’s daytime soap opera, One Life To Live. Farah was happy to finish in 9th place which was a step up from her usual 10th or bubble bust-out norm. That honor went to Hallee LoGrasso who didn’t get any tournament cash but did get some parting prizes from the other ladies. How nice of them.

Some familiar female faces who hit the felt at high noon included: Marguerite Spagnuolo, Carmen "Hunbunny" Huggins, and Pat Knoll.

Back to back hands of the tournament had first and second in chips getting into a major cat fight. Carla Berrios came out unscathed while Lana O’Brien lost all nine of her lives. Earlier, O’Brien was the first to reach 40,000 and the chip lead. She recaptured the lead at the final table. In the two hands mentioned, Lana had pocket Jack’s cracked followed by A-9 gettting run down by Carla's Q-J suited. Lana received $1,397 for her day at the office. And I should mention her husband Kevin faithfully rooted from the rail for most of the event.

Borgata regulars to the Ladies tournament, Kim Edmonds (Toms River, NJ) and Stephanie Hubbard (Hazlet, NJ) were short stacked three-handed and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Hubbard sacks $1,862 for 3rd while Edmonds earns $2,949 for 2nd. Both continue tacking on impressive final table runs and cashes to their poker resumes.

But, at the end of the day it was ladies night for our warrior woman Carla Berrios who outlasted everyone to take home the trophy and the title as our Borgata Poker Leading Lady.

Carla learned about today’s event through a Borgata email and will be back to defend her title next time. Carla works for the army and today she was able to win the battles and become an army of “won” for $5,432.

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