Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Event 9: Give Me A Hand

$200 + $30 + $20 Bounty NLH Re-Entry (Yellow Chip)

Check this hand out.

Tammy Lloyd sees a flop of 7-J-4 and jams all in with pocket nines. Tim Dougherty askes for a count, then calls. He tables 10-J. Tammy needs a nine.

Boom! Nine on the turn, Jack on the river.

Her full-house earns the double-up and survival.

"Yes, yes, yes, thanks for the call" said Tammy.

"This is a sick final table" said the players.

In another all in hand, Chris Rich jams with Q-J of spades and Benjamin Chan calls with 4-4.

Board runs: 9-Q-6-J-10 and Rich doubles through Benjamin.

At the end of the hand Claude Petroy chimed in, "I folded Q-J and was gonna push if you didn't"

So the game goes on...

Blinds are 6000 / 12000 with 2000 antes

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