Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Event 9: Slot Machine Pays Off

$200 + $30 + $20 Bounty NLH Re-Entry (Yellow Chip)

Michael Nesmith (Jacksonville, FL) took a hit earlier when A-K fell to seat 1's 6-7.

Then Nesmith saw a club heavy flop of 5-Q-J, had Q-9 and jammed his stack. Opponent had two clubs, called, and hit the nut flush on the river tabling A-10 of clubs.

So just like that after playing for so many hours, Michael was down to 11,000.

The very next hand he looks down at pocket sevens and gets it in. Three players assume he's steaming or desperate and call, salivating at another yellow knock-out chip.

Flop is 8-7-Q. One opponent isolates with a 20,000 bet.

6 turn....3 river.

Opponent tables K-Q and Nesmith announces, "I have a set" as he flips over his 77's.

So Nesmith quadruples up to 44,000 plus the blinds and antes, celebrates, and is right back in this thing.

Tables are condescend to two as re-seat cards are handed out.

As luck would have it, Jerry Callahan was handed the exact same seat he's currently in.

Pretty funny.

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