Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Little Bad Beat Hits

Two lovely ladies took down the little bad beat one hour into Father's Day 2011.

Althea Taylor (KKKK) & Francis Traficante (3333)

Althea Taylor (Mount Laurel, NJ) had KK while Francis Traficante (Leesberg, FL) held 3-3.

The board ran out: 3-K-3-Q-K

Around 1am The table and Borgata poker room went wild.

"It's a lifetime dream" said one player. Another told me "this is the Holy Grail of poker...this is a big deal".

John Paul Nguyen dealt out the masterpiece, his first bad beat as a Borgata dealer.

the players were at the $2 - $4 limit table #9 at the front of the Poker Room.

One of the players named Kevin would have hit last week but was one suit on one card off of his royal bad beat flush. Tonight he'll share in the prize and can't believe it.

It will certainly be a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY for all of our Borgata Bad Beaters

Big Daddy Of A Pot

Frances Traficante gets the Bad Beat and $16,651.
Althea Taylor wins the hand and gets 8,325.
The remaining players each recevied $3,330:
Alexander Entin
Sergey Lukyantsev
Kevin Spangler
Kevin Yorke
Edward Iaquinto

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