Saturday, June 11, 2011

Event 6: Cris Belkewitch - 8th Place

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Cris Belkewitch - 8th Place - $1,100

In a three way all-in between Belkewitch, Devito, & Reardon.

When the dust cleared, Bob Reardon rescued his tournament life by hitting a straight (A-A-7-6) for the hi and Richard Devito scooped the low holding (5-2-6-A).

Board: 8-7-3-10-9

Cris Belkewitch (Roselle, NJ) held pocket queens pre and raised half his stack before opponents re-raised committing him all in for his entire 50,000.

No big surprises today for Cris who played solid standard poker and survived to 8th place for $1,100.

Event 6: Jon Miller - 9th Place

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Jon Miller - 9th Place - $825

Between Jon Miller (Mt. Laurel, NJ) and Rathe Miller, Jon was the Last Miller Standing.

In his final holdem hand, Jon's 6-6 was run down by Bullet's A-K when a King hit the board.

Jon is heading home after this event but puts $825 into his wallet.

Event 6: Final Table Draw

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

1. Bullet Demartino
2. Lina Carter
3. Jon Miller
4. Elaine England
5. Ronald Winelvoss
6. Cris Belkewitch
7. Glenn Engelbert
8. Richard Devito
9. Bob Reardon

Here is your final 9 - all of em are in the cash!

Event 5: Final Four (Tables)

$500 + $60 NLH 

Veni, Vidi, Venti

We're down to four tables and are nine eliminations away from the money. After Marcelia "Peachez" Keene (Maplewood, NJ) hit the rail, the lone remaining woman is Karen Ventimiglia (Massapequa, NY).

"I love it," says Ventimiglia, "girl power!"

Level 14 (1500/3k/400 ante) is underway as 36 players remain (27 cash).

Event 6: Miller Time Is Over - Bubble

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Rathe Miller - 10th Place - Bubble Boy

Rathe Miller came in second place in yesterday's 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Event 4 (Omaha) but today he is the bubble.

No cash for Miller who ran into the wheel of chip leader Glenn Englebert.

I'm sure we'll see Rathe "Mix Game" Miller in future Borgata events.

Event 6: Andrew Ciandella - 11th Place

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Andrew Ciandella - 11th Place

Kings and Sevens of Elaine England (Richman, VA) were enough to felt Andrew Ciandella - who is out in 11th place.

Andrew is the bubble bubble as the top 9 get paid.

Event 6: Englebert Putting On a Hurt

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Chip Counts After The Break:

1. Glenn Englebert 264,000
2. Elaine England 188,000
3. Richard Devito 180,000
4. Bullet Demartino 170,000
5. Bob Reardon 77,000
6. Jon Miller 68,000
7. Lina Carter 54,000
8. Andrew Ciandella 51,000
9. Cris Belkelwitch 49,000
10. Rathe Miller 37,000
11. Ronald "Wink" 30,000

Event 6: Axelon Exits

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Greg Axelon - 12th Place

Final eleven are on a break after Rathe Miller busted Greg Axelon out in 12th place.

Miller's pair of fives held up. Nothing Greg could have done as his short stack had to get it in with any two. In the end Axelon's 10-4 didn't improve.

Event 6: Two Tables of Six

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Table 1:
1. Lina Carter
2. Bob Reardon
3. Rathe Miller
4. Richard Devito
5. Greg Axelon
6. Glenn Engelbert

Table 2:
1. Cris Belkewitch
2. Ronald "Wink" Winkelvoss
3. Andrew Ciandella
4. Jon Miller
5. Bullet Demartino
6. Elaine England

Getting close to the bubble as top 9 get paid.

Brian Grogan busted out in 13th place and Ed Daniels exited in 14th.

Event 5: Face the Aces

$500 + $60 NLH 

Bob's Bullets Barrage

Bob Wallace (Weehawken, NJ) has been at table 3, seat 4 all day and has taken advantage of getting pocket aces 4 times. Wallace says he's won every time and now has a stack of 150k.

Players say says aces have been hot and as soon as we leave the table, aces strike again. Dmitriy Shamilov (Brooklyn, NY) comes back to media row to tell us he's the victim this time as he loses 30k to double up a short stack.

Shamilov, the former chip leader, has lost 100k in the last few minutes and is hovering around the 70k mark.

Level 13 (1200/2400/300 ante) continues as 39 (27 cash) players remain.

Event 5: King Me

$500 + $60 NLH

Quad King David

Dmitryi Shamilov (Brooklyn, NY) is holding A♣ Q♣ when an ace hits the flop and he decides to slow play his pair of aces. The turn is a king and he puts his opponent, David Rotches (Ventnor City, NJ), all in.

Rotches turns over pocket kings and adding insult to injury, the river turns a set of kings into quads. Rotches doubles to 120k, while Shamilov drops to 80k.

Level 13 (1200/2400/300 ante) is underway with 51 (27 cash) players remaining.

Event 5: Bravo to the New System

$500 + $60 NLH
Brown Keeping an Eye on the Clock

Players are liking the new tournament clocks Borgata has implemented into the Spring Poker Open. The Bravo Clock system is all over the Poker Room and not only displays the time, but the players remaining, average chip stacks, current blinds, time until next break, prize pool and many other nuggets of info.

As the bubble approaches, John Brown (Long Island, NY) is one short stack keeping an eye on the system to see how close he is to making the money.  Knowing he has to double-up, Brown moves all in for 12k with AK and flops two pairs to double his stack to more than 25k.

Level 12 (1k/2k/300 ante) is underway with 57 players remaining, 30 from the cash.

Counting Down Event 5

Event 6: Elaine England Ejects Ernie

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Two women still remaining, Elaine England (Richman, VA) and Lina Carter - both at different tables. Who will be Event 6's Last Woman Standing?

Elaine just added some much needed chips to her less than average stack by knocking out Ernie Campbell (Queens, NY).

Nothing super exciting in the hand, just Elaine's A-K holding up against Ernie's K-10 in a holdem battle.

Ernie exited in 18th Place. Darn, I was hoping Glenn Engelbert and Ernie Campbell would mix it up in a hand together. You know I was all set on the blogging headline, "BERT DEMOLISHES ERNIE". Oh well...

Event 6: Breaking Bad, I Mean Good

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Ten minute breaks gives players a chance to stretch while the floor color ups the 100 black chips.

Richard Devito increases his chip lead now up to 105,000.

Tom Reardon now at 72,000.

19 players to go with top 9 making the scratch.

Blind level 17 when the players return.

Event 5: Straight to the Lead

$500 + $60 NLH 

Bob the Chip Builder

Bob Weissman (New York, NY) is now the chip leader after a queen hits the turn giving his AJ a straight against an opponent holding KQ.

The 60k pot takes Weissman's stack to 180k as level 11 (800/1600/200 ante) is underway.

Event 6: Reardon Reaping

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Bob Reardon just missed the elite eleven in last night's Omaha. You might remember he had a sinus problem which we're happy to report is much better today.

Bob is also getting healthy in chips after crippling the player to his left.

In a somewhat interesting sidenote Bob and his opponent both have their ear buds in so I assumed they were listing to music or Howard Lederer books on tape. No no no, both gentlemen claim they only have the buds in to deaden the sound and focus better. Ear plugs?

Back to the a nutshell, Reardon raised every street, got his opponent to check call the whole way then tabled the hi and the lo hitting a baby spade flush and the A-6 low for a more than healthy 20,000 scoop.

Two hands later the same opponent went busto.

Event 6: Blinds Are Up

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

21 players remain on three tables.

81 HOSERS began at 12 noon and started with 15,000.

There are 1.2 million chips out there making the average chip stack 57,142.

Level 15: 2000 / 4000 with 4000 - 8000 limits
1000 / 4000 with 100 antes.

Two ladies remain one being Lena Carter who was the Last Woman Standing in Event 4.

Event 6: David Deja Vu

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

David Pancheco Shifting Gears

Covered the final few tables in last nights Event 4 Omaha and see some familiar faces again today.

One of them includes David Pacheco who min cashed finishing in 16th place.

I asked David the different mindset between playing in yesterday's omaha vs. todays HOSE.
"Rather than focusing on one game like Omaha you have to make adjustments for all the games" said Pacheco.

A little easier to mentally read and prepare one player to one game. HOSE you have to be on top of your game or should I say games.

Top 9 get paid and it looks like Pacheco is lining up for another cash. We shall see.

Event 6: Quarter Pounders

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

I was asking the folks at table five if they saw anything unusual or outstanding today during play.

Ernie Campbell (Queens, NY) explained to me how in 8 or better Stud he watched two players get "quartered" during the tournament. Ernie is a mixed game veteran with 15 years under his belt. I, on the other hand am a bit of a rookie when it comes to H.O.S.E.

From his explanation I gather it is when 2 players have the exact same low and they split the low.

"Happened twice today that I saw and that's pretty rare" said Ernie.

27 players remain still on four tables.

Blinds just went up -
Holde'm -Omaha/8B - 1200 / 2500 Limits 2500 -5000
Stud - Stud/8b 500 / 2500 with 500 antes

Event 5: Big Stacks

$500 + $60 NLH 

Dangerous Dmitriy

As players roll back from dinner break we've spotted a few big stacks north of 100k.

Dmitriy Shamilov, who finished 34rd ($1,210) in Event 1, is the big stack with 130k.

Big Stacks

Dmitriy Shamilov (Brooklyn, NY) 130k
Bob Weissman (New York, NY) 120k
Joseph Calandrino (Long Island, NY) 120k
Ethan King-Carey (Brooklyn, NY) 100k

The 80 remaining players are playing an average stack of 41k.

Level 10 (600/1200/200 ante) is set to start.

Event 5: Late for Dinner

$500 + $60 NLH 

Rocket Raises Leventhal

As players leave the room for the 50 minute dinner break, one table still has action. Barry Leventhal (Brooklyn, NY), Claude "Rocket" Petroy (Pittsburgh, PA) are still in a hand.

After Levy makes a bet on the turn, the third player stands up to leave before Petroy makes a move.  Leventhal and the player exchange words as Leventhal's not happy that Petroy gets extra information as the third player was last to act.

Petroy raises and Leventhal reluctantly folds as the third play has scurried off to dinner. Petroy agrees with Leventhal that it was poor etiquette, but is happy to scoop the pot and take his stack to 75k.

80 players remain (top 27 cash) as play resumes at 7:40 pm.

Event 5: Packed House

$500 + $60 NLH 
Borgata Poker Room

The vibe in the Poker Room is electric as nearly every one of the 85 tables are in use. At last count there are more than 60 cash games running, plus three tournaments (NL, HOSE and 4 pm Survivor).

The tables that are broken from the tournaments are quickly filled with another cash game. There are currently 5 lonely tables waiting for the start of the 7 pm tournament. Once Events 5 and 6 return from dinner break, every table in the room will be filled in the 8 o'clock hour.

Click here for the latest game report.

Event 6: Dinner Time

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.     

OK, the horse race is over, so back to poker.

Oops, nevermind, its dinner-time.  Players are free to roam until play resumes at 7:30pm.

 Jon Miller

Jon Miller (Mt. Laurel, NJ) is up to 87,500 and the definitive chip leader.

Richard Devito has ~67k.  Bullet has ~65k.

Larry Gold busted out shortly before the break.

Level 12 is over and they'll return to level 13 with limits of 2,500/5,000.

Event 6: 40 Players Remain

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.     

They're into level 12 with limits of 2k/4k.

Five tables remain (40 players).

They're starting to get antsy about the upcoming race.  The Belmont runs at 6:30 and many players are distracted by their horse-racing bets.

After the last table break, Vincent Basilicata is sharing the felt with Bullet on table two.

Table four is quite crowded with Rathe Miller, Bob Reardon, Larry Gold, Richard Devito, and Glenn Engelbert all staring at the same patch of green.

Event 6: New Chip Leader

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.     

Richard Devito

Richard Devito has claimed the chip lead with about 68k.

Bullet is up to 55k.

Brent Gentile has lost some ground.  He got scooped twice in a row by a lucky (for his opponents) river card.

Event 5: No Jacking Around

$500 + $60 NLH

Facing a 4x raise to 3,200, Brandon Padula (Oakton, VA) moves all in for 15k (< 20 BB). From the big blind, Karen Ventimiglia (Massapequa, NY) tank calls and the action is back to the opening raiser. The player ships another 25k on top and Ventimiglia takes far less time to make the second call.

Ventimiglia: A K
Padula: 7 7♣
Opponent: J♠ J♣

Flop: 9 7♠ 3♣ (Padula, set of 7s)
Turn: A♠ (Ventimiglia, pair of aces for side pot)
River: 8♣

Padula triples up to 45k with a set of 7s, while Ventimiglia takes her stack to 75k after winning the side pot, while the unlucky player with pocket jacks is on the rail.

The 100 remaining players (out of 272) are on a 10 minute break.

Event 6: 48 Players Remain

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.    

Level 11 limits are now 1,500/3,000.

Down to six 8-handed tables now -- 48 players remain.  Average stack is 25k.

Among the dearly departed are:
Charlie Brahmi
Kevin Smigel
David Grubb

Event 6: New Chip Leader

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.   

At the end of level 9 players took a break so I scoped out the stacks.  57 players remain and they are one bust-out away from breaking another able.

One of the goners is early chip leader Greg Drobnis.

Bullet has lost a little velocity.  He's down to ~45k.

 Brent Gentile

Brent Gentile (Blackwood, NJ) has taken over as front-runner.  He's up to ~52k.

Bob Reardon (Boston, MA) is up to 38k.

Play resumed with level 10 and limits of 1k/2k.

Event 5: Boyle & Eng Hit the Rail

$500 + $60 NLH 

Ronald McDonald, Offering No Breaks Today

Two Borgata regulars who frequently hit the money, Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ) and James Boyle (Havre de Grace, MD), are on the rail.

With 16k (20 BB), Eng  shoves with pocket 7s and is called by A J, which ends up with Broadway to knock out Eng.

Just after that, on another table, Boyle says he was "making a move" with only 8k (10 BB) and Q 8 suited, when he runs into the pocket kings of Ronald McDonald (Fort Valley, VA).

"I'm glad they held," says McDonald, who seems to embrace the same name as the McDonald's character.  "I have a lot of problems with that hand."

Level 8 (400/800/75 ante) is underway with 120 (of 272) remaining.

Event 6: Trash Talkin'

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.      

The ninth table has broken so eight 8-handed tables remain, leaving 64 players with a shot at this title.

Bullet is up to nearly 50k and the trash-talk is underway between him and David Grubb, on the next table over.

 David Grubb

David used to work the poker floor here at Borgata, but now works one state over.  He's got two final tables (Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud/Omaha Hi/Lo mix) and one win (Stud) on his poker resume.

Nevertheless, Bullet is ready to take him on.

Event 6: Champ In The Mix

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.     

Another champion has turned up among today's HOSErs. 

Glenn Engelbert won the Limit Hold'em event during the 2011 Winter Poker Open in January, claiming almost $7,000 for that victory. 

 Glenn Engelbert

He also won a Stud tournament in April and won an Omaha Hi/Lo tournament in 2008.  Looks like the mix of games in this HOSE event is right up his alley.

Event 5: Payouts

$500 + $60 NLH

Entries: 272
Total Buy-In: $136,000

Place - Amount
1 $36,939
2 $21,768
3 $12,533
4 $10,158
5 $7,915
6 $6,596
7 $5,277
8 $3,958
9 $2,638
10-12 $1,715
13-15 $1,451
16-18 $1,319
19-27 $1,187

Event 5: Johnstown Flood of Chips

$500 + $60 NLH 

Bidleman Collecting Action
Jeff Bidleman (Johnstown, PA) is one of the bigger stacks at 60k and says, "you've got to give action to get action." Bidleman, who owns a collectibles business in Central-PA, says he's busted 5 players and had quad 5s, but couldn't get anyone to bite.

The antiques and coin collector got his stack to 75k, but has dropped off a bit and is now looking to "collect" more chips.

Players are on a 10 minute break as 150 (of 272) players remain before the start of level 7 (300/600/75 ante).

Event 6: Payouts

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.    

Entries: 81
Total Buy-In: $28,350

Place - Amount
1          $9,625
2          $5,225
3          $3,300
4          $2,475
5          $1,925
6          $1,650
7          $1,375
8          $1,100
9             $825

Event 6: Bullet in Front

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.    

Level 7 was a killer...7 players busted out.  They were able to break down table 10 and those players have been moved from the lone outer table into the empty seats here in the tournament area in the back of the poker room.

Limits are up to 600/1,200 now for level 8.

Bob 'Bullet' Demartino has emerged as the chip leader with roughly 40k chips.

 Bullet Before and Bullet After

Bullet used to have long hair, but now he's sporting a buzz.  When I inquired about the change, he says he had it cut off and donated to Locks of Love.  In their own words from

"Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis."

Event 6: Chip Leader

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.   

Greg Drobnis (Old Bridge, NJ) has emerged as the chip leader.  He's up to 32,300, more than double the starting stack.

Greg Drobnis

Even though he plays all poker games, "I love the mixed games" Greg says.  Apparently he's very good at them, also.

They're now in level 7 with limits of 500/1,000.  This should cause departures to pick up.

Event 5: Ready To Race?

$500 + $60 NLH 

 Leventhal & Bill Topper (Manhasset, NY) Talk Belmont

We're just a few hours away from the Belmont Stakes, so in between hands players are talking horses.

Barry Leventhal (Brooklyn, NY) is hyping Nero, while Frank Gangemi (Long Beach, NY) is looking at the favorite, Animal Kingdom, to win, but says, "it's a sloppy track, you don't know what these young horse are going to do."

Post time is 6:30 pm, and the Race Book, just a few steps from the Poker Room, will be jammed for the last leg of the triple crown.

Event 6: Seat Open

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.  

The first HOSE-player has departed leaving 79 players (of the 80 that started) in the hunt.

That makes the average stack almost 15,200 (up from the starting stack of 15,000).

You get the point.  Limit poker plus Hi/Lo split equals slow going.

Event 5: George Out, Peachez In

$500 + $60 NLH 

Peachez & Eng

Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ) has been patient all day and his reward is watching one good player replaced by another.  After the two players on either side of him busted, including George Medrano (Rego Park, NY),  Eng is rewarded by having Marcelia "Peachez" Keene (Maplewood, NJ) seated on his right.

Keene won this event in April and already has one cash in the Borgata Summer Poker Open.

Level 6 (200/400/50 ante) is underway with 18 tables and 175 players (of 272) remain.

Event 6: Limits Up!

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.  

Play continued into level 6 with limits of 400/800.

Still a full crowd in the HOSE section.  With half the games being Hi/Lo split, it's more difficult to scoop a whole pot.

Rathe Miller didn't quite scoop, but he managed to get three-quarters of the pot.  He and his opponent both had the nut low and Rathe took the high with two pair.

Event 5: Back From Break

$500 + $60 NLH   

They completed level four and took off for a break, then resumed play with level 5, blinds 150/300 with 25 antes.

Registration is now closed for this event.

23 tables remain and with no new players joining this event, they'll start breaking down quickly.

Event 6: 80 HOSErs

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E. 

Level 4 has ended and play continued into level 5 with limits of 300/600.

Registration has closed and the final player count is 80.

It appears that all 80 players are still alive as there are no empty seats (yet).  Of course with the limit format, it takes a bit longer to get all the chips in the middle.

 Charlie Brahmi

1999 WSOP bracelet winner Charlie Brahmi is playing and says "Happy Birthday!" to his son Luke, who is 18 years old today.  Charlie gave his WSOP bracelet to his son, but so far, Luke hasn't picked up the game.

Event 5: Early Departures, Late Arrival

$500 + $60 NLH  

Rick Rossetti has already hit the rail.  "He hasn't made it to the second break since 2006" said Mike Kalfa, jokingly.

Michael Sukonik has also busted out and departed.

Chad Bailey, winner of event 3 (which went until about 3am this morning) has arrived and take his seat at table 12.  He picked up over $20,000 for that win.

Event 5: Tough Table

$500 + $60 NLH 

Table 19 has turned into quite a tough table.

Meiyan Dai, who cashed in event 3 yesterday, is in the 3 seat.

Returning April champ Marcelia 'Peachez' Keene is in the 5 seat.

Gordon Eng in 6, George Medrano in 7, and Michael Sukonik, who has over $500k in tournament earnings, is in the ten seat.

Blinds are up to 100/200 for level 4.

Event 6: Defending Champ

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

Vincent Basilicata

Defending champion Vincent Basilicata has taken his HOSE seat.  Vincent won this event during the 2010 Summer Open, pocketing more than $6,000.

There are ten tables currently in action, nine in the tournament area in the back of the Poker Room and and a single table out on the main floor.

HOSE is played 8-handed, so that means close to 80 players are in action.

Event 5: Blinds Are Up

$500 + $60 NLH

After level two, the NL Hold'em players enjoyed a ten minute break.

Play resumed with level 3 and blinds of 75/150.

Some won't be returning.  Eric Siegel has already relocated from his tournament table to a cash game. 

James 'Smiley' Chin has also landed on the wrong side of the rail.  His flopped set of 7s got rivered by quads.

Still 26 tables in action, with late registration open through two more levels.  Late arrivals are being sent to fill in empty seats vacated by busted players.

Event 6: Not So Many Familiar Faces

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

The HOSE tournament has attracted a much different crowd of players and not as many familiar faces are visible there.

I did spot Borgata regular Larry Gold, who opted to get HOSE'd rather that HOLD'EM'd today.

Also in the field are Rathe Miller and Lina Carter.

They're currently in level 2 with limits of 50/100.

Event 5: More Faces

$500 + $60 NLH

Mike Kalfa is back for another shot.  He finished 8th in event 3 last night ($2,002).

Regulars Carl Restifo, 'Lucky' Lee Kirsch, and Mickey Woll have also turned up in the crowd.

Marcelia 'Peaches' Keene has arrived and taken her seat.  She won this event during the Spring Open, so she's looking to repeat as champion.

Rick Rossetti has also appeared.  He has several cashes here at Borgata along with a WSOP Circuit Championship ring.

They're up to 26 tables now and still accepting late registrations.

Event 6: HOSE Underway

$350 + $50 H.O.S.E.

HOSE-players in this event begin with 15,000 chips.  They will play four games in rotation:

Omaha Hi/Lo
Eight-or-better Stud

All games are played in limit format and they will play 8 hands of each game, then move on to the next.

Levels last 30 minutes and they began with limits of 25/50.

Event 5: Double Trouble

$500 + $60 NLH

 Level 2 is underway.  Blinds are now 50/100.

Gordon Eng and George Medrano

Somehow Gordon Eng and George Medrano landed in adjacent seats on table 19.  Those two are very aggressive players so this could mean fireworks.  They may be friends, but they both want to win.

24 tables are in action and there is still a line at registration.  Late entries will be allowed through the first four levels, so there's plenty of time to get in.

Of course some of those players are registering for event 6, the HOSE event that starts at noon.

Event 5: Back For More

$500 + $60 NLH  

Several players who have already gone deep in the early events of the Summer Open are back today for another taste.

David Rittmeyer finished third in the wee-hours this morning, picking up $6,340 in event 3.

Theen Wey finished 11th in that same event, good for $1,335.  He's back in action today also.

Vladimir Peck took 9th place in event 1, earning $5,347.  He'll be looking for another deep run today.

Event 5: Familiar Faces

$500 + $60 NLH

Many of the same faces we've seen before are back today for the another shot at glory.  Here are some folks I spotted on my first pass:

James Boyle - 3rd on points leaderboard
'Smiley' Chin
Eric Siegel
Abe Korotki
Phil Sparta
Leo G
Bill Patterson
Frank Gangemi - 4th on points leaderboard

Event 5: Cards Are In The Air

$500 + $60 NLH

Event 5 of the Borgata Summer Poker Open is underway.

Players are still registering and finding their seats as cards and chips begin their movement around the felt.

Players sit down to 12,000 chips and that's all they will get.  There are no re-entries allowed in this event.

Each level will be 45 minutes long so the blinds will climb slowly, starting at 25/50 in level one.

Late arrivals will still be able to register through the first four levels.

Leaderboard Update (6/11)

Borgata Summer Poker Open Leaderboard Update

By participating in any Borgata Summer Poker Open event (June 8-24, 2011), players will earn points based upon the Borgata Poker Tournament Leaderboard Formula.

Below are the top leaders for the Borgata Summer Poker Open Leaderboard contest through June 10 events*
*(Final Results from events 1, 2, 3, 4, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)


Saturday, June 11

Today's Events (Poker Room)

11AM: Event 5 - $500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels will last 45 minutes each
  • 2-Day event (Day 2 starts at 12PM)
12PM: Event 6 - $350 + $50 H.O.S.E.
  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels will last 30 minutes each
  • 1-Day event
4PM: Event 27 - $400 + $50 SURVIVOR No Limit Hold'em
  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels last 30 minutes each
  • Approximately 1 in 10 will win $4,000 Cash
  • 1-Day event
7PM: Event 28 - $200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes each
  • 1-Day event

Event 26 Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open
Event 26: $150 + $30 Bounty NLH (Yellow Chip)
June 10, 2011

Entries: 120
Total Buy-In: $18,000

3.  WANG XINYI (DULUTH, GA): $1,659

Event 25 Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open
Event 25: $250 + $30 Survivor No Limit Hold'em
June 10, 2011

Entries:  84
Total Buy-In: $21,000

4.  ARMANDO THEN (NEW YORK, NY):  $2500 Cash
5.  ALLEN CHOU (METUCHEN, NJ):  $2500 Cash

Event 3 Recap

$400 + $50 NL

At 11am today, Event 3 kicked off as 172 Borgata Poker Players put down $400 + $50 and all tried their best to win all of the over two million chips in play along with part of the $66,736 Total Prize Pool. But only one succeeded - Congratulations to Chad Bailey (Jackson, NJ) who crushed the final table destroying every opponent (except for one) in his path. This hurricane of a player took chances and played without fear to climb back from a cooler that left him crippled to 1200 total chips on the second hand of play. A key hand in his comeback was when he spiked a straight flush on the river. He also seemed to hit runner, runners whenever needed.

Quite interestingly, Sully Erna, the lead singer for the hard rock band Godsmack joined a field of Borgata regulars including: Frank Gangemi, James 'Suits' Salters, Abe Korotki, Wooyang Lin, John Hinds, Bill Patterson, Phil Sparta, Alan Colon, Patricia Barsanti-Chou, Kim Edmonds, Barbara Rogers, Vladimir Peck, Joseph Altomonte, James Boyle, Gordon Eng, & Eric Siegel – all of whom got “smacked” around.

Only 18 made the cash with Meiyan Dai scoring a min cash of $1,001.

The final table fell like dominoes at the hand of our Champion Chad Bailey. Michael Kalfa, William Lewis, Frank Cullen, Scott Brandies, John Fitzpatrick, David Rittmeyer (3rd for $6,340), and Rhand Feinstein (2nd for $11,010) all were felted by Bailey the assassin.

The $20,021 first place prize represents Bailey’s Biggest Borgata cash to date. Congrats again to Chad Bailey who ran the table and took down Event 3.

Event 4 Recap

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

120 Borgata Mix Game players all went after some serious Omaha Stakes but only one man took down the first place $12,222 prize of red meat. Congratulations to 27-year-old Arturo Morgan from Plantation, FL who had to navigate through a difficult field including several previous top three finishers such as Vince Coleman, Doug Zinneman and John Klodie. And don’t forget about Brent Keller (Horsham, PA) who has three WSOP Circuit Event rings, including two in Omaha H/L.

Total buy for today’s event, which began at 11am, was $42,000. Top 18 cashed and the top eleven players negotiated their way through some serious storms. The final action had Rathe Miller (Philadelphia) and Arturo Morgan (Plantation, FL) coin-flipping heads-up for the trophy. Rathe lost the flip and took down $6,722 for his 2nd place finish.

Our last woman standing was Lina Carter who finished in 31st place but did not cash. Neither did all-time bubble boy leader, Geoff Lewit who adds his 7th in a row bubble finish (including on-line poker tournies) to his terrible totals.

The elite eleven included, Darryle Tam, Warren Sharpe, Robert Mix, Barry Gassen, Joel Salman, Alfred Annunziata, Michael Bickel (who had the chip lead most of the tournament), Antonio Walker, Frank Pastello, Rathe Miller, and Arturo Morgan.

All the players seemed to have a great time joking and laughing with one another and when they did lose, they didn’t get angry or emotional.

Once again our winner of the $12,222 prize money along with the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open trophy was Arturo Morgan who drove 20 hours from Florida to play with the best mix game players on the East Coast and to beat the best.

Event 3: 1st Place - Chad Bailey

$400 + $50 NL

Chad Bailey - 1st Place - $20,021

It's been a while since I've seen such a dominating performance at a final table. Chad Bailey (Jackson, NJ) was masterful as he knocked out every player there but one. Seemed he was somehow able to win every coin flip and when he was way ahead his hands held up.

The story of Chad's tournament was that of a comeback kid. Surprisingly, after starting with 10,000 chips, two hands in, Chad turned two pair but lost to his opponents set of aces. He dropped all the way down to 1200 but refused to give up. Instead he worked his way back to the starting stack then climbed up into the chip lead.

He played the game with a sense of fearlessness, and confidence. And every time he won a big hand I could hear him celebrating from Media Row where we type. This of course did not please whichever current opponent he just knocked out.

This Event 3 win represents the largest Borgata Poker cash for Bailey. He did however hit for another 20,000 on a Borgata slot machine at a previous date.

After over 15 hours of poker, just like George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life, it was as if tonight Chad Bailey had an angel looking over his shoulder, helping him out. The kid just could not lose.

Event 3: 2nd Place - Rhand Feinstein

$400 + $50 NL

Rhand Feinstein - 2nd Place - $11,010

It didn't take long. One hand of heads up poker where both guys saw an ace. All the chips entered the middle and in the end only one man was standing.

Rhand Feinstein's A-2 did not improve against Chad Bailey's A-3.

Rhand was happy to cash out for $11,010 and congratulated Chad on the victory.

At the final table, Rhand knocked out one opponent then Chad ran the rest of the table - literally.

Rhand Feinstein (Long Island, NY) had support from his girlfriend sweating him out on the rail.

Looks like Feinstein will head back to NY where he works for New Generation Energy as a Solar Project Manager.

Congrats on your deep run today and on your prize.

Event 3: 3rd Place - David Rittmeyer

$400 + $50 NL

David Rittmeyer - 3rd Place - $6,340

David Rittmeyer's A-3 fell short against Chad Bailey's A-K.

Board ran dry and Rittmeyer hit the rail in third place for $6,340.

David is from Baltimore, MD, cashed in a Borgata 100,000 tournament a couple months ago and was 2nd in a WSOP circuit event.

Chad continues to run good and amass a ton of chips.

Event 3: 4th Place - John Fitzpatrick

$400 + $50 NL

John Fitzpatrick - 4th Place - $5,339

John's stack dwindled down to 150,000 so he decided to ship it with 5-4 suited. Picked up an open ender of hope on the flop but his opponent's 9-7 paired up then held up.

John will add $5,339 to his Borgata Bank.

Event 3: Break Time

$400 + $50 NL

Your Top Five Players Remaining, currently on a ten minute break.

1. Scott Brandies..... 340,000
2. Chad Bailey........ 900,000
3. Rhand Feinstein..... 353,000
4. John Fitzpatrick..... 329,000
5. David Rittmeyer..... 270,000

Event 3: 6th Place - Frank Cullen

$400 + $50 NL

Frank Cullen - 6th Place - $3,337

Frank Cullen is a doctor in Bedford, PA. He's been short stacked basically the entire tournament until the last hand when he finally climbed up to 225,000.

"I must have shoved all in and survived at least twenty times" said Cullen.

Cullen got it all in with A-Q of spades and picked up two spades on the flop. The board ran dry and, you guessed it, Chad Bailey's 7-7 scooped the monster pot.

Frank was understandably frustrated and didn't expect the kid to call. Cullen got it in good but couldn't find that love connection on the spade heavy board.

He'll have to settle for his love connection at home, his wife who is rooting him on during the rest of the Borgata Summer Poker Open.

He also says hello to poker writer, Charlie Weston.

Event 3: 7th Place - William Lewis

$400 + $50 NL

William Lewis - 7th Place - $2,669

Some hooting and hollering at the table. When the dust settled, Chad Bailey struck again, this time knocking out William Lewis in 7th Place after spiking two pair with his 10-J suited.

Lewis' K-Q didn't improve after the flop.

He'll take home $2,269 for his efforts today.

Event 3: 8th Place - Mike Kalfa

$400 + $50 NL

Mike Kalfa - 8th Place - $2,002

Mike's stack was at 86,000 when he open shoved with A-10. Frank Cullen called him and tabled 3-3. Cullen's hand improved as he flopped a set.

Board: Q-8-3-Q-8

Mike is considering getting some sleep and playing again tomorrow. He'll be able to stuff $2,002 into his mattress for his 8th place finish.

Event 4: Arturo Morgan - 1st Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Arturo Morgan - 1st Place - $12,222

Arturo Morgan from Davie, FL is your Event 4 champion.

The 27 year old drove 20 hours a month ago all in preparation for the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open. He's been living large in a Borgata Hotel Room for the past 30 days. "I've been studying these players and have figured some of them out" said Arturo.

The on-line and tournament poker pro's favorite game is Omaha Hi/Lo and today played like a champion.

Shot up from 10k up to 15k the first couple levels then dropped down to 6,000. After shifting gears, things took off. "Any hand I got involved in I won" exclaimed Morgan.

Winning the trophy came down to a coin flip. Tails, or the best hand, won.

"I like this place" said Arturo as he smiled with the trophy and all the chips.

He'll take home $12,222 for his hard day's work. Now that's a lot of Omaha Stakes.

Event 4: Rathe Miller - 2nd Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Rathe Miller - Philadelphia, PA - 2nd Place - $6,722

Rathe lost a coin flip heads up giving the Borgata trophy over to Arturo Morgan.

Event 4: Frank Pastella - 3rd Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Frank Pastella - Royersford, PA - 3rd Place - $3,870

Event 4: Antonio Walker - 4th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Antonio Walker - Willingboro, NJ - 4th Place - $3,259

Event 4; Michael Bickel - 5th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Michael Bickel - Congers, NY - 5th Place - $2,444

Event 4: Alfred Annunziata - 6th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Al Annunziata - Bayonne, NJ - 6th Place - $2,037

Event 4: Joel Salman - 7th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Joel Salman - Oceanside, NY - 7th Place - $1,630

Event 3: 9th place - Baksh

 $400 + $50 NL 

After a raise from John Fitzpatrick, Wazir Baksh moved his last chips in the middle. 

Wazir Baksh

John made the call, showing 98.  Wazir was ahead with AT, but by the river, John had made two pair.

Wazir finished in 9th place and collected $1,502 for his troubles.

Event 4: Barry Gassen - 8th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Barry Gassen - 8th Place - $1,222

Event 4: Robert Mix - 9th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Rob Mix - 9th Place - $917

Event 4: Warren Sharpe - 10th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Warren Sharpe - 10th Place - $815

A Big Hand For Warren

Here's proof for Roxanne, Warren Sharpe's wife at home in Brooklyn, NY that YES he is actually here playing and Borgata and actually made some money.

Warren played mix game events four years in a row at the WSOP and today brought his talents to Borgata where he played his game and it paid off to the tune of $815.

Sharpe was the chip leader when action was down to 11 players.

He's not bringing the trophy back to Cony Island but he is bringing bragging rights and a nice chunk of cash.

Event 4: Darryl Tam - 11th Place

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Darryl Tam - 11th Place - $815