Monday, June 13, 2011

Event 7: Unofficial 1B Top Ten

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Overall (unofficial) leader - Benjamin Walterick - $433,000

1B Player's Name...................Chip Count

1. Benjamin Walterick.......................... 433,000
2. Rovert Haavind................................ 307,000
3. Jake Shak....................................... 296,000
4. Brett Borgersen............................... 294,000
5. Tom Pomponio................................. 292,000
6. Anthony Thambynayagam.................. 287,000
7. Marcus Seitz.................................... 281,000
8. Charlie Hook.................................... 267,000
9. Brandon Guss.................................. 265,000
10. Jake Kramer.................................. 264,000

Oh, It's On!
Day 1B Leader Ben Walterick (433,000) &
Day 1A Leader Patricia Barsanti-Chou (415,000)

58 players survived 1B.
25 players survived 1A.

All 83 players will return tomorrow at 12 noon where players from 1A and 1B will re-draw for seats.

Good luck, get some sleep, and we'll see everybody tomorrow.

Event 7: Everything's Jake

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Jake Shak Improves Stack

Jake makes the right call and knocks out his Opponent.

"If he would have shoved all in pre-flop I would have folded" claims Jake who held 6-6 and still had a few players behind him to act.

Instead he called the 12,500 pre bet, saw a flop of 7-3-10, bet 20,000 after opponent checked then called after opponent shoved a few thousand more.

6-6 vs. A-K offsuit. Jake's underpair holds up and another one bites the dust.

Jake Shak is originally from Salt Lake City but basically lives in Borgata Waterclub while having another residency in Philly.

Shak is just south of 300,000 and in good shape for the close of tonight.

The very next hand, Borgata regular Rob Nguyen got his short stack in with Q-1o shouting out, "One time" but he failed to win the coin flip against Opponent's pocket deuces. Rob was covered and is out.

Board ran - 7-A-4-5-3 giving opponent a straight.

So two down at table 5 as we only have four more hands of poker before it's bag and tag time.

Level 7: Premium Parson

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Tom Parson (Sayreville, NJ) - 190,000

As we're now into the final level of the night I asked Tom Parson what his strategy was.

He told me to only play premium hands. "I didn't play all day just to lose at this point" said Parson.

QQ is a premium hand so Tom played it up against the all in shove of Opponent's A-4.

Queens held on a board of 2-10-J-9-5 and the field shrinks down to 72 players remaining.

Tom admitted after playing 12 hours he's mentally tired and wants to save something for tomorrow when he'll returned well rested and ready to battle.

Level 7: Double Up Time & Break Time

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

On the last hand before a fifteen minute break, Robert Santilli (Jackson, NJ) said to himself he was gonna ship his short stack with any ace. Sure enough he picked up A-9 and jammed pre. Opponent went in the tank and finally made the call tabling wired fours.

Board ran 3-5-6-8. Before the river peeled, Robert stood up and had one foot toward the exit.

He breathed a sigh of relief when his Ace hit the river.

The much needed double up gives Robert 100,000 in chips with one level to go.

Event 7: Final Level Looming

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Okay, here's what we got!

77 players left on 8 tables for Day 1B.

Average chip stack is 165,584 with 12,750,000 in play.

In a few minutes at the end of this level, everyone will go on a break.

When we return from the break we'll run one more level.

At the end of Level 16, we'll call it quits for the night.

Event 7: Sick Walterick Hand

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Ben Walterick - 317,000

Day 1a chip leader Patricia Barsanti-Chou with 415,000 is on the floor sizing up tomorrow's competition and chatting with friends. So Patty points out Ben Walterick (Levittown, PA) to me - noting his large chip stacks.

Ben shot up to 317,000 after getting lucky on the turn.

Amongst five 3,000 limpers he raised 15,000 pre-flop with A-K and got a couple callers.

On a flop of A-K-5 he lead out for 30,000 and his Opponent jammed a big stack. Ben insta-called and saw he was behind, up against a set of fives.

Miracle kingball on the turn gave Ben the full house which held up.
Ben shot up to 317,000 and can set it on cruise control for the rest of the night.

Walterick explained, "This is my first year playing in any of the Borgata Poker Opens. It's been a lot of fun and the competition has been very tough."

Event 7: Nachman Overdrive

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Nachman Berlin (Brooklyn, NY) - 205,000

Nachman Berlin takes down Chi McDougle after a full day of battling each other.

Berlin open with K-7 hearts and Chi flats with K-Q.

Both players like the flop as Nachman picks up a flush draw and Chi has top pair.

Nachman hits his flush on the turn and turns up the heat. He bets 25,000 and Chi stares him down, trying to pick up a read. She snaps off drawing dead.

River bricks and Nachman jams. Chi calls and sees the bad news. She's out.

Berlin is up now to 205,000 among the chip leaders. He seemed particularly happy to knock Chi out as the two have been having words back and forth since Level 1.

Event 7: Quads On Cue

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Dealer Mike Makin' It Happen

Trolling the floor looking for a big hand and spot Dealer Mike. Mike always comes through for me so I stalk his table for a couple minutes, expecting some major action.

Mike - "It's gonna happen on this hand. Keep watching."

That was an understatement.

Carlos "Quads" Delafuente

Sure enough Carlos Delafuente (Mineola, NY) knocks a player out after a serious action flop of
5♠ 4♠ 6.

Opponent shoves with A♣ 7 and Carlos snaps tabling 6♠ 6.

Turn 4♣ and river 6♣ gives Delafuente QUADS and sens Opponent to the rail.

Carlos bets big on the next hand and takes it down on the turn. So in back to back hands he scoops over 100,000 and is back in business.

He holds his daughters Danielle and Melissa close to his heart and his chips - his card protector has a picture of his two daughters on the face of the chip.

So Dealer Mike comes through again and I'm sure Carlos is happy with the outcome.

Event 7: Big Stacks

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

 Kramer vs Kramer

As players are on dinner break, we've found a couple of big stacks.  Jake Kramer (Philadelphia, PA) won a 300k pot with KQ on a king high board. His opponent was on a flush draw and the board goes brick, brick to give Kramer the unofficial Day 1B chip lead at 375k.

Only one player from Day 1A bagged more than 400k in chips, so with a big stack Kramer will be playing against himself to set up a deep Day 2 run.

Ho Cheung (Ranson, WV) is at 185k and one of the bigger stacks in the room.

Play resumes at 7:40 pm.

 Everybody Ho Cheung Tonight

Level 7: Say It Ain't Joe

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Joe Bovino Sports Nifty Cap

When the dinner bell rang, Joe Bovino (West Mount, NJ) was the last man standing, before break. He was counting his chips when I inquired about his Borgata Poker hat.

Five years ago in a cash game Joe got a royal flush and Borgata brass gave him the hat as a gift.

It sat in the closet until last week when Joe accidentally lost a different hat. So he brought out the Borgata cap trying to take advantage of a "home field advantage".

Joe lives locally and plays regularly at Borgata. "Everybody knows me" says Bovino.

His chip count if you were wondering - 105,000.

Event 7: Forty Minute Food Break

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

The Borgata Poker room has cleared out to partake in a forty minute dinner break.

Deepstackers will return at 7:40pm.

There are 101 players left and the average stack in the room is $126,238.

Blind level 14 continues upon return at 1500 / 3000 with 400 antes.

We're bagging and tagging approximately 10PM (three more levels after dinner).

Event 7: Yelling Yusella

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Ken Yusella (Pottsville, PA) was stoked after taking down a monster 100,000 pot leaving his opponent crippled to under 5,000 chips.

Here's how the action went down.

Ken opens with pocket tens then gets it all in on the flop after nailing down a set.

Flop: 3 A♠ 10

Opponent calls and tables K 6.

Turn card Q gives opponent the second nut flush and gives Ken some serious "ten"sion. He needs a Q, A, or 3 to fill up and scoop.

Sure enough another Q falls and Yusella starts to yella.

"I was playing tight all day and still getting called and sucked out on river after river" lamented Ken, who is a manufacturer.

Looks like patience paid off - literally.
Nice double up right before dinner break.

Event 7: Buzzing Along

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Hooked on Borgata

Players love the fact that Borgata cracked 500 players and that the first prize is $43,112.  On the last break, poker pro Chalie Hook asked an interesting question, "what if we hit the money tonight? Yesterday's players would love it, they'll be on a free roll."

After breaking down the numbers with Borgata's crack staff, it will be close, but rest assured that the bubble won't break until early on Day 2.  Tournament Director Tab Duchateau carefully constructs the schedules so that things run like clock work and so far there haven't been any glitches in the system.

Right now less than 120 players remain in Day 1B (plus 25 remaining from Day 1A) and the staff is setting the over/under total for the Day 2 restart at 70.  With 54 spots paid, that's a perfect way to start Tuesday's dash for the cash.

Hook is currently at a manageable 75k as level 13 (1200/2400/300 ante) is underway, the last one before the 7 pm dinner break.

Event 7: US PairForce Academy

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

McDougle Does Not Want To Hear Taps Tonight

Chi McDougle (Burlington, NJ) works for the United States Airforce and has already dropped a few A-bombs from the sky.

"I had pocket aces twice and both times they held up" explained Chi who is playing in her first $400 tournament.

She's off to a decent start sitting on 120,000 thanks to hitting good flops and nobody sucking out on her.

"I need to win something...I'm stuck money" laughed McDougle. Her laughter is contageous so I started laughing only to hear her shout back - "That's not funny."

Ma'am Yes Ma'am.

Event 7: Chip Leaders

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

 Staying Sharp

A quick scan of the room and the big stacks are more than 100k and creeping towards 200k, including
Larry Sharp (King of Prussia, PA) who's at 180k.

Other healthy stacks:
Eric Borduas (Montreal, Canada) 130k
Eugene Berrill (Severn MD) 130k
Mike Linster (Island Park, NY) 125k

Event 7: Building Stacks

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Mike Epperson (King George, VA) - 130,000

Mike Epperson has built his stack up to 130,000 and is among the chip leaders. Not a problem for Mike since he actually is a builder by profession back in King George, VA.

He drove four hours to play in the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open and already has three events under his belt. Looking to maintain a big stack today and make some moves tomorrow.

As for the fortune cookie card protector?

What is in the cards for Mike?

He's gonna keep us in suspense until the end of the night to crack it open.

We'll have to wait and see which way the cookie crumbles for Epperson.

Event 7: Payouts

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)


1................. $43,112
2................. $24,239
3................. $15,582
4................. $12,380
5................. $9,696
6................. $7,965
7................. $6,320
8................. $4,935
9.................. $3,463
10-12.......... $2,251
13-15.......... $1,731
16-18.......... $1,299
19-27.......... $952
28-36.......... $866
37-45.......... $779
46-54.......... $693

Number of entries 510

Total Buy In: $178,500

Event 7: O' Canada

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Chips Heading North to Borduas

We pick up the action on a board of K 3♣ 8 Q and Eric Borduas (Montreal, Canada) moves all in for 55k. His opponent, with 100k snap, calls and the table is stunned at the hands

Borduas: 10 9
Opponent: Q♠ 10

One player can't believe the older gentleman made the call with a pair of queens on a king high board. Borduas needs a heart or a jack on the river to double up and he's rewarded with the 2 giving him the winning flush.
Borduas takes his stack to 130k, and wants us to say hello to his children Ann and Emily, who are following the blog north of the border. Not sure what the internet exchange rate is, but hopefully the message is received!

Event 7: Borgata 500?

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

After Day 1A's total of 165, and at least 300 players for Day 1B, the field is buzzing on whether the total entrants will crack the 500 mark. The cage is verifying the numbers and the total prize pool and payouts should be released before the 7 pm dinner break.

Event 7: Interesting Group

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

May is Coo Coo for Poker

May Sui (New York, NY), Smiley Chin (New York, NY) & Chalie Hook (Philadelphia, PA) are all at the same table, making for an interesting dynamic. Hook is the established vet who won the Heads Up title during the 2009 Borgata Summer Poker Open, while Chin has been taught by respected pro Gordon Eng and looking to gain experience.

May Siu's game is somewhere in between. She had three cashes, including two final table during this past Borgata Spring Poker Open ($19,000 total) and is the most outgoing of the three.

Today she's wearing a shirt that has sparked a lot of conversation. While she won't reveal all the letters, let's just say she's coo coo for Coco Puffs. Meanwhile Hook is checking out a poker mag article where poker pro Andrew Frankenberger mentions Hook by name in a tournament where he taught Frankenberger a couple of lessons at the table.

Level 11 (800/1600/200 ante) is underway.

Event 7: No More Second (or third) Chances

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

 Palermo Pushes On

Now that registration is closed, players can focus on playing poker.  "I'm glad," says Leonardo Palermo (Toms River, NJ), "it'll stop me from dropping more money."

Palermo, who had three cashes, including two final tables during the Borgata Winter Poker Open ($55,000 total), says he's bought into this event three times, including twice in this Day 1B. 

On when he'll stop trying to hit the big score, "When I start getting my money in bad, that's when I quit."  That's code for he's been a victim in suck out city.  You can't get sucked out on unless you put your chips in while ahead.

Level 10 (600/1200/200 ante) continues.

Event 7: Color Up Break

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)              

Level nine is done and players are taking a break while the staff color up the green 25 chips.

Before the break, you could almost feel the desperation in the room as short-stacks were taking their changes.

AK lost a race to pocket 8s and was busted.

Pocket Queens ran into pocket Kings and another player bit the dust.

Table 21 is down.  20 tables remain (plus the 25 players who survived day 1A).

Torpekay Habashzada

Event 7: Breaking Bad

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)             

 Cathy Dever

Cathy Dever got her last chips in with pocket 6s and was racing against AK.  An Ace on the flop delivered the bad news and Cathy hit the rail.

A short-stack with pocket Tens saw the bad news when his all-in got called by a player with pocket Queens.  Despite calls for a "Queen" he didn't need it as his pair of ladies held up and another player reported to the rail.

Already down to 22 tables (220 players) with about 10 minutes remaining in level 9.

Event 7: Frankel Falling

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)            

Harry Frankel is back to where he started.  Apparently his AK flopped two pair but ran into a set.  He's back down to about ~25k.

There's no shortage of action and cries of "Seat Open" are coming on a regular basis.

Down to 25 tables now.

Blinds are up to 500/1,000 with 100 antes for level 9.

Event 7: Johnson in Jeopardy

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)            

Event 1 winner Austen Johnson busted out, re-entered, and is now in trouble again. 

He doubled up a shorter-stack when his pocket Jacks ran into pocket Queens.  Austen is now down to ~6k.

Table 26 has broken, so Rick Rossetti, Mickey Woll, and Daniel Mercado have been scattered to fill empty seats elsewhere in the room.

25 tables remain active.

Event 7: Table Talk

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)           

They're down to 26 tables now and it is a shame that table 26 will be the next one to break.  It is probably the most entertaining table in the room.

Rick Rossetti has given some of Daniel Mercado's chips back to him.  "He got me with AK", Rick explained.

"I increased my stack by 40% with 3-high.  This table is weak." said Mickey Woll.  Apparently everyone folded to Mickey's all-in.  "I folded AK" says Rick.

The talk continues on table 26 -- at least for now.

Event 7: Brown Busted, Berlin Building

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)          

Jeremy 'Big Dog' Brown busted out on the first hand of level 7, so no re-entry for him.

Once registration closed, tables started breaking down quickly.  They're down to 27 tables.

Nachman Berlin

Nachman Berlin (Brooklyn, NY) is up to ~110k, thanks to some big hands.  He's pulled ahead of Harry Frankel, who has dropped back to ~100k.

Event 7: Buzzing With Questions

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)         

The room was buzzing as the last minutes of level six ticked away.

Yes -- you can still re-enter if you busted out on the last hand of level 6.

Yes -- you can still enter if you've never played a single hand in this tournament.

Yes -- even if you have chips on the table, but you want to start with a fresh 25k stack, you can 'surrender' or 'abandon' your stack and re-enter.  You'll get a brand-new stack and a brand-new table and seat assignment.

All entries and re-entries must be completed by the end of this break.

Event 7: Down To The Wire

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)        

Table 32 has broken leaving 29 tables in action.  Since this is the last level for entering or re-entering, new players are being seated in any available empty seats (so it is not as easy to spot them).

There is lots of action as the short-stacks try to gather more chips or opt to start over with a fresh 25k stack.

Only about ten minutes of play remain in level 6.

Event 7: Chip Leader Emerges

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)        

Rick Rossetti is up to ~78k after flopping two pair against Daniel Mercado (who is down to ~15k) and making a flush against another opponent who was busted.

 Harry Frankel

But it is Harry Frankel (Muncie, NY) who is the chip leader with ~120k.  He picked up another pot with pocket 7s while I watched.

Table 32 is up and running while table 30 has broken.  That leaves 30 tables still in action and the line at registration is about half-a-dozen deep.

Julian Miranda, Jeff Bidleman and Larry Gold are among those who have busted out and re-entered.

Level 6 has just begun with blinds of 200/400 and 50 antes.  This is the last level of play before registration closes.

Event 7: Rossetti Replaces Brown

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)       

Level 5 has begun.  Blinds are now 150/300 with 25 antes.

Table 31 was broken and late arrivals are being sent to table 32, including Borgata regular Marguerite Spagnuolo.  They're waiting for one more to get cards in the air.

That means 30 tables are active with one more about to be.

Meiyan Dai has joined the ranks of those who have busted out and re-entered.

 Rick Rossetti and Mickey Woll

WSOP Circuit Champion Rick Rossetti arrived and was assigned to the seat recently vacated by Big Dog Jeremy Brown.  Let's hope Rick fares better than Jeremy did there.  At least Rick's got the congenial Mickey Woll on his left to chat with.

Event 7: Big Dog Busted

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)        

Two more tables have been filled with late registrants, including

Meiyan Dai
Daniel Chan
Wooyang Lin

Now 31 tables are in action.

More players are relocating to the re-entry ten seats, including May Siu.

 Daniel Mercado

Jeremy 'Big Dog' Brown tangled with Daniel Mercado (North Jersey) at the wrong time.  After a 7- high flop and Ten on the turn, the Big Dog moved in with pocket 8s, only to learn that Daniel held pocket Queens.  Daniel is now up to ~45k.

Jeremy took a re-entry ticket from the dealer, so he should turn up at a new table in the dreaded ten seat.

Event 7: Break Over -- Blinds Up

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)       

After three levels and a break, play resumed with level 4 and blinds of 100/200. 

Still 29 tables in action.

Re-entering is still an option -- for three more levels.

Event 7: Re-Entries

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)       

The ten seats are filling up at a few tables as unfortunate players bust out and chose to re-enter.

Rob Nguyen is one of those unfortunate few who have revisited the registration window and ponied up another $350 + $50 for another 25k in chips -- and another shot at redemption.

Still 29 tables in action.

Event 7: Blinds Up

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)      

Blinds are up to 75/150 -- they're now in level three.

Players don't have to share the room today as there is no other event starting at noon.  The next event will be a $150 + $30 NL Survivor at 4pm.

Players will get their first break at the end of this level.

Event 7: Late Arrivals

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)      

More faces have joined the crowd:

Julian Miranda
Abe Korotki
Leanne Rosenblatt
Jay Johnson
Bill Stradley

There are 29 tables currently in action with the ten seat reserved for re-entries.  No waiting at registration for anyone wanted to enter late (or re-enter after busting out).

Blinds are up to 50/100 in level 2.

Event 7: Groundhog Day?

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Many players are having a 'Groundhog Day' feeling as they were here yesterday at the same time, doing the same thing.  Here are some day 1A bust-outs who are back for another go:

James 'Suits' Salters
Eric Miller
Mike Kalfa
Cathy Dever
Jeff Bidleman
Vladimir Peck
Bob Santilli
James Boyle
Larry Gold
'Smiley' Chin
Soren Cristea
Rob Nguyen
Mickey Woll
Kelly Armentrout

And here are some new faces in the field:

Jeremy 'Big Dog' Brown
Gil Sacks
Richard Devito
Torpekay Habashzada
Tam Ly
Anthony Caruso
Stephanie Hubbard
May Sun


Event 1 winner and tournament leaderboard points leader Austen Johnson.

 Austen Johnson

Event 7: Cards in the Air on 1B

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Cards are in the air!  Level 1 blinds are 25/50.

Players started with 25,000 chips and levels 1-10 are 30 minutes long.

This is the second of two starting days for this event.  Players who played day 1A yesterday and busted out can choose to re-enter if they bust out during the first 6 levels.

During the first six levels, a player may re-enter an unlimited number of times.  Once the break after level six ends today, no more entries or re-entries will be allowed.

25 of the day 1A runners survived, but about 140 busted out and have the option to try again today.

The top two in chips at the end of 1A are two ladies who opted not the play the Ladies Event yesterday.  Patricia Barsanti-Chou was on top at the end of 16 levels of play with 415,000.  Taemee Feuer is second with 308,000.

Leaderboard Update (6/13)

Borgata Summer Poker Open Leaderboard Update

By participating in any Borgata Summer Poker Open event (June 8-24, 2011), players will earn points based upon the Borgata Poker Tournament Leaderboard Formula.

Below are the top leaders for the Borgata Summer Poker Open Leaderboard contest through June 12 events*
*(Final Results from events 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30)


Monday, June 13

Today's Events (Poker Room)

11AM: Event 7 - $350 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)
  • Players start with 25,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels 1-10: will last 30 minutes each | Levels 11+: will last 40 minutes each
  • Players that bust within first 6 Levels may Re-Enter (unlimited)
  • 2-Day event (Day 2 starts on Tuesday at 12PM)
4PM: Event 31 - $150 + $30 SURVIVOR NLH
  • Players start with 10,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes each
  • Approximately 1 in 10 will win $1,500 Cash
  • 1-Day event
7PM: Event 32 - $150 + $30 No Limit Hold'em
  • Players start with 10,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes each
  • 1-Day event

Event 30 Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open
Event 30: $150 + $30 No Limit Hold'em
June 12, 2011

Entries:  65
Total Buy-In:  $9,750

1.  STEPHEN MOY (NEW YORK, NY):  $3,310

Event 29 Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open 
Event 29: $200 + $30 + $20 Yellow Chip Bounty NLH
June 12, 2011

Entries:  73
Total Buy-In:  $14,600


Event 8 Recap

$200 + $30 Ladies NLH

The temperature is hot outside and today it was hot inside as seventy-nine ladies and one male with obvious issues, faced off and battled in the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker Open Ladies Event #8 all trying to take home part of the $15,520 prize pool. When the perfume settled, it was Carla Berrios (Baltimore, MD) who posed with the champion trophy and all the chips.

Congratulations to Carla whose quiet demeanor at the table provided her with a table image that the other ladies liked and respected. She also made some new fans who cheered her in.

Top nine all got a piece of the pie and included, Maria Durante, Stephanie Hubbard, Carla Berrios, Lana O'Brien, Kim Edmonds, Farah Fath, Jeanelle Roberts, Maria Santos, and Lisa Colesanti.

Perhaps some of you recognized Farah Fath, who is an actress on ABC’s daytime soap opera, One Life To Live. Farah was happy to finish in 9th place which was a step up from her usual 10th or bubble bust-out norm. That honor went to Hallee LoGrasso who didn’t get any tournament cash but did get some parting prizes from the other ladies. How nice of them.

Some familiar female faces who hit the felt at high noon included: Marguerite Spagnuolo, Carmen "Hunbunny" Huggins, and Pat Knoll.

Back to back hands of the tournament had first and second in chips getting into a major cat fight. Carla Berrios came out unscathed while Lana O’Brien lost all nine of her lives. Earlier, O’Brien was the first to reach 40,000 and the chip lead. She recaptured the lead at the final table. In the two hands mentioned, Lana had pocket Jack’s cracked followed by A-9 gettting run down by Carla's Q-J suited. Lana received $1,397 for her day at the office. And I should mention her husband Kevin faithfully rooted from the rail for most of the event.

Borgata regulars to the Ladies tournament, Kim Edmonds (Toms River, NJ) and Stephanie Hubbard (Hazlet, NJ) were short stacked three-handed and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Hubbard sacks $1,862 for 3rd while Edmonds earns $2,949 for 2nd. Both continue tacking on impressive final table runs and cashes to their poker resumes.

But, at the end of the day it was ladies night for our warrior woman Carla Berrios who outlasted everyone to take home the trophy and the title as our Borgata Poker Leading Lady.

Carla learned about today’s event through a Borgata email and will be back to defend her title next time. Carla works for the army and today she was able to win the battles and become an army of “won” for $5,432.

Event 5 Recap

$500 + $60 NLH

After two days of play and a series of big swings at the final table, Robert Wallace (Mahopac, NY) took home the trophy and the $36,939 first place prize in Event 5 of the Borgata Summer Poker Open. Wallace had 3 million of the 3.2 million chips in play when he beat Trevor Graffa (Lancaster, PA) heads up to win the title.

"I'm stunned, I didn't expect this," said Wallace, a technical recruiter who plays poker recreationally. "I knew this was a two day tournament and figured I'd come here, place a bet on the Belmont and see what happens."

Wallace's night continued past the horse race and the money bubble as he finished with a top 10 stack heading into the finale. "I didn't have any clothes with me, I had to buy a hat and a shirt in the gift shop," he said while posing for pictures in his bright red Borgata cap.

Wallace was one of 22 returning players looking for their piece of the $136,000 total buy-in as the top 27 (of 272) cashed in the event. After a series of quick eliminations, the field was down to the final table where several players had the chip lead at different points.

Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY) was the initial big stack with more than one million chips after he crippled Charles Anzalone (Shorham, NY) just before the final table in a 700k pot. Boyko was unable to hold the chip lead and finished 4th ($10,158), while Anzalone limped to the final table and was the first eliminated with a 10th place finish ($1,715).

"No, I'm not happy, especially since I had the lead," said Boyko, after he shipped most of his chips to Theen Wey (Ridgefield Park, NJ) in a huge pot where Wey hit a set of kings on the river. Wey, who picked up his second cash of the Summer Open, eventually eliminated Boyko and had the chip lead with 1.9 million chips.

That led to three-handed play and the biggest pot of the tournament when Wey and Wallace played a 3 million chip pot all in preflop with Wallace getting the better of Wey with pocket 10s against AK. Wey was eliminated in 3rd ($12,533) and set the stage for heads up play.

"It's my favorite hand, I probably would've called with any pocket pair there," said Wallace, who only needed a few hands to win the title.

Despite losing on a huge pot, Wey has no regrets about how he played big slick. "It's great, I'm now two for two," says Wey after finishing 11th ($1,335) in Event 3 Friday. "I've been playing poker for three straight days. I need a break."

"It was fortunate for me," said Graffa, who took home $21,768 for second place and didn't mind that the big stacks clashed, "because there was almost a $10,000 pay jump (from second to third place)."

Graffa had support on the rail from his brother Dustin Graffa (Lancaster, PA), who finished 11th ($1,715) after nearly missing the money. Dustin survived the bubble with only 4 big blinds and had the misfortune of playing at Trevor's table late during Day 1A and to start Day 2.

"We wanted to get heads up and rip each others throats out," said Dustin, "We don't want to knock each other out before then, but if it comes down to it we will."

Heading into Day 2, chip leader Patrick Halter (Narberth, PA) quickly saw the blinds level the playing field and he finished 8th/$3,958. Rounding out the top 10 were, Matt Mezvinsky (New York, NY) 5th/$7,915, Gregg Martinez (Little Silver, NJ) 6th/$6,596, John Amerman (Bellmawr, NJ) 7th/$5,277, David Price (New York, NY) 9th/$2,638.

Familiar faces in the field who failed to cash included Borgata regulars James Boyle (Havre de Grace, MD), Eric Siegel (Melville, NY), and Frank Gangemi (Long Beach, NY).